Jun Group Reaches Half a Billion Page Views in Six Months

mitchell reichgut Mitchell Reichgut is the Founder and CEO of Jun Group, a premier social video company. Prior to Jun Group, Reichgut was the Creative Director at Bates Worldwide Advertising, where he helped grow the company’s client base. The Makegood recently spoke with Mitchell about achieving half a billion page views at Jun Group.

The Makegood: Congratulations on reaching half a billion page views in just six months. That is quite the feat. How did Jun Group achieve such results so quickly? What draws viewers to the platform?

We’re filling a big void in the marketplace: brand-safe traffic at scale. We’re uniquely positioned to meet this demand because we have direct integrations with premium partners across screens, and everything we do is backed by our promise of 100% viewability, 100% brand safety, and 100% opt-in.

The Makegood: Could you elaborate on what Jun Group’s platform provides viewers? What is the driver behind the demand for this platform?

Most online video and traffic-driving offerings rely on cookies to target users, but cookies don’t work on tablets or smartphones, and they expire. We use first-party data to carefully segment over 100 million users. We then match the right users with relevant content. This provides a much better experience.

The Makegood: Jun Group is also welcoming Michael Schwalb as SVP, Publisher Strategy. What will his role at the company be, and what do you believe his experiences will add to the team?

Michael is responsible for Jun Group’s publisher relationships. His experience allows us to expand our strategic and collaborative partnerships with the largest and best-known digital publishers. Michael brings a proven track record of building outstanding publisher-facing products, and we’re delighted to have him in a leadership role in our organization.

The Makegood: What sort of technology does Jun Group utilize in order to most efficiently perform?

We invested heavily in an SDK (software development kit) that gives us direct access to the biggest and most prestigious mobile publishers. The technology gives us access to enormous audiences on Android and iOS/Apple mobile applications. As traditional Web numbers continue to dwindle, our ability to reach these users will enable us to continue our rapid growth. It’s the main reason we created our HyprMX subsidiary, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Makegood: Where do you see Jun Group in the future? How do you want the company to expand?

Tablets and smartphones are the immediate future of our industry. Eighty percent of Internet usage on these devices comes from mobile apps, which is why we’ve invested so heavily into that medium.

Our core values of honesty and integrity are more relevant now than ever. As demand increases for our video and traffic-driving products, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to deliver ever-increasing scale, while maintaining the high-end, premium placements our clients demand.

The Makegood: Thank you, Mitchell.