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Choozle Announces $1.1M Funding and New Platform

andrew fischer Andrew Fischer is currently the CEO and co-founder of Choozle, an end to end programmatic marketing platform that puts marketing technology into the hands of the marketer. The Makegood recently spoke with Fischer about an exciting new platform and over a million dollars in funding.

The Makegood: Congratulations on such a successful year with Choozle. Could you elaborate on the services Choozle provides, and how it differs from similar services in the industry?

Thank you!   Choozle’s cloud‐based platform distills the complexity/cost of the “ad tech stack” thus unleashing big data and real-time advertising for all.  The platform enriches site visitors against thousands of data points and these visual insights drive the creation of targetable audiences that power real-time advertising campaigns across display, mobile, social & video mediums.  As an end-to-end solution, Choozle is differentiated by its simplicity, elegance, and affordability.

The Makegood: Choozle announced $1.1 million in new financing to coincide with its emergence from beta. What will the company do with this funding? In other words, how will it be applied to the future of the company?

We are actively hiring additional engineering, product, and and sales talent – most positions will work from our Denver CO headquarters. With our platform active and powering insights and advertising for our clients, we are now looking to quickly scale the platform, while adding data resources and additional advertising channels like native ads, and eventually, whatever is next like wearables.

The Makegood: What does the new Choozle platform entail, and why was it so drastically changed?

The original Choozle platform focused on rich media ads and social media module creation.  We will be baking these features back into the new platform in 2014, so all Choozle clients will have self-serve media creation tools at their fingertips.  With the new platform, we wanted to go “end-to-end” and provide an effective and affordable digital marketing operating system.

The Makegood: How will the launch of this new platform further differentiate the company from its competitors? What is the mission you want to accomplish with Choozle and the new platform?

Our mission is simplify the ad technology system and put in the hands of every marketer so they can leverage technology to efficiently drive marketing ROI.  Our platform is truly end-to-end and provides agencies and marketers the ability to drive insights, build audiences, and run/execute real-time ad campaigns – all on the same screen.  We even pipe in your Google Analytics for quick reference.

The Makegood: The technology involved with a fully integrated digital agency is extensive. How has Choozle embraced technology to work it in the company’s favor? Has cross-platform accessibility been successfully implemented? 

The extensive technology requirements for a successful digital ad agency is exactly why we created Choozle!  The current landscape is fragmented, confusing, and expensive.  Choozle now incorporates a data-management platform (DMP), audience research and building tools, and a demand side platform (DSP) – all in a single and cohesive interface.  And yes, we enable cross platform targeting for any real-time advertising campaign executed from the platform (desktop, mobile, & tablet).

The Makegood: Thank you, Andrew.

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