Scott Portugal of PulsePoint Talks about the Team’s Expansion, Promotes Jay Wolff to VP Agency and Brand Partnerships

Scott Portugal Head Shot  Scott Portugal currently runs global business development for PulsePoint, a digital media & technology firm based in New York. Prior to PulsePoint, Mr. Portugal was Chief Revenue Officer for TRAFFIQ, a leading media buying platform, where he created partnerships with leading agency holding companies as well as helped launch TRAFFIQ L.A., their Latin American joint venture. Previously Scott spent time as Vice President, Publisher Services at TACODA (an AOL company) as well as in various business development roles at InterActive Corp and helped found the Investor-Reach Advertising Network. The Makegood recently spoke with Mr. Portugal about welcoming Jay Wolff to the PulsePoint team.

The Makegood: Congratulations on welcoming Jay Wolff to the PulsePoint team. How did Jay earn his new position as Vice President Agency and Brand Partnerships?

Jason is a proven sales leader and a respected voice of the media industry who is part of our growing programmatic advertising division.  His role with us at PulsePoint is to help us stay close to the market, help us see around the corner when it comes to new programmatic advertising technologies, and help establish PulsePoint as a leader in what we call Real Time Branding.

The Makegood:  What will Jay’s position entail, and how do you see him adding value to the company from this position?

One of the biggest challenges for programmatic has been the slow adoption of brands to leverage the economies of scale that come with RTB.  With the introduction of new customized and more transparent solutions, things are beginning to change. In short, Jay will help us to deliver customized brand advertising solutions into the programmatic ecosystem.

The Makegood: With the programmatic advertising industry at its tipping point, what changes do you expect to see, and how will Jay’s experience be relevant to these changes?

Jason has built strong and lasting relationships with our partner brands and agencies by staying at the forefront of unique solutions. This is most noticeable in Jason’s work with our Aperture Audience technology which analyzes thousands of data points that can be used for precision targeting. Jason has helped us deliver customized audience solutions.

This is where we believe the programmatic space is moving — beyond just commoditized real time impression buying into customized audience solutions delivered via RTB.

The Makegood: Why has Jay’s position become so relevant? In other words, why is it so important for him to pull more brand advertising dollars to programmatic?

DSP’s work directly with agencies, trading desks and brands to help them leverage the scale of RTB to deliver return on ad spend. But these DSP’s will need to evolve, and that next evolution is to allow for various types of programmatic solutions – which leverage proprietary data, targeting, native ad sizes, and even new types of tradable media. Jason’s leadership of our sales initiatives and advocate of custom programmatic solutions will help evangelize the synergies of DSP’s and exchanges to brands that may have not yet adopted programmatic media technology.

The Makegood: PulsePoint also recently launched Custom Programmatic Solutions. Why was this necessary, and will Jay be a big part of the effectiveness of this launch?

Absolutely, custom Programmatic Solutions turns PulsePoint’s exchange into what is one of the largest private exchanges in the world. Our solution was a response to market & client demand for the targeting and precision of private exchanges but with the scale to optimize and still deliver performance. Branding doesn’t mean there isn’t a performance goal, as campaigns serve multiple audiences across the “consumer loop”. Our CPS suite helps our clients address this challenge, and Jason’s work in bringing it to market is critical in helping our clients continue to evolve.

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