CEO and Founder Bill Lederer on Launch of MediaCrossing


William A. (“Bill”) Lederer is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of MediaCrossing, a firm that leverages Wall Street and Madison Avenue innovation and best practices combined with deep, specific audience and contextual data and analytics. Prior to founding MediaCrossing, Lederer was the Divisional CEO with Kantar. The Makegood recently spoke with Lederer about the launch of his new company, and what he sees for the future of the firm.


The Makegood: Congratulations on the launch of MediaCrossing. Could you elaborate on what the company does for clients, and what makes MediaCrossing’s services unique from other companies in the industry?

MediaCrossing works with publishers, marketers and agencies to deliver programmatic digital media solutions that increase efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Essentially, we have built a better way to buy and sell digital media. Unlike others who assume little or no risk on a trade, we are an independent digital media trading company that ties our success to that of our clients. That’s what a real trader does. When we buy or sell display, video, social and mobile ad impressions, we are cutting the waste by reducing the spread, inclusive of media, data, technology and service costs. This means lower transaction costs and  improved premium monetization and sell-through for publishers.

The Makegood: You and co-founder Ted Yang are bringing Wall Street Trading Practices into the digital media world. What are these practices, and how will these practices give the company an edge over other companies in the industry?

We create our own “edge” by integrating efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and analytics into our business model with a speed, depth and precision that no other digital media trader has. Our business model is designed around client success. We only succeed if our clients succeed, which makes us true partners.

The Makegood: MediaCrossing seems to be taking a different approach from other companies to media buying and selling. Are current trading practices negatively affecting brands and publishers, and, if so, why will that not be the case with MediaCrossing?

We started MediaCrossing because we saw a need in the market. There are risk-bearing market makers in the digital media Lumascape that make a living draining value from every transaction at little, if at any, risk. These companies have agendas beyond serving their clients. They may make backroom deals with other vendors that clients have no idea about and from which they may not benefit. MediaCrossing builds campaigns that are directly accountable to a client’s KPIs and our trading practices are designed to bridge the market: bringing marketers directly to publishers and the ad exchanges, and creating new, premium markets for publisher ad inventory.

The Makegood: Technology in the media buying industry has been improving over time. What technology will MediaCrossing implement?

MediaCrossing created and operates its MX Platform™, a comprehensive, best-in-class digital media trading and data managed services platform for buyers and sellers. The MX Platform is composed of: MX Datalytics, MX Bridge, and MX Data. These tools are designed to make media buying more effective for both advertisers and publishers. Our technology allows advertisers to deliver the right message in the right channel with maximum reach and frequency to the right audience in a transparent and efficient manner. Our technology allows publishers to grow their audiences, and maximize their inventory and CPMs.

The Makegood: As a new company, there is plenty of room for growth. What are your plans for expanding MediaCrossing, and do you see the company growing into something more?

As digital adoption continues to grow around the globe, brands are looking for new opportunities to reach consumers internationally. I see us repeating our North American successes abroad within the next few years. There is potential to grow the business in Europe, Asia and South America. In addition, we expect to roll out new tools here in the U.S. and expand relationships with our existing clients here at home. We also anticipate scaling our business to support new clients as more brands get onboard with programmatic.

The Makegood: Thank you, Bill.

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