Why the Best Advertising is Formed When Art Meets Science

Gayle Fuguitt Headshot1 How Re:Think 2014 Aims to End the Debate about How to Appeal to the Hearts of Today and Tomorrow’s Consumer

At the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2014, we will combine the very best of leading-edge research, insight and analytic solutions through conversations with advertisers and researchers (or what we like to call new age analysts) in order to cultivate global growth and change on behalf of the consumer.

With all the talk about programmatic buying, the question arises: how do these solutions translate into creative, consumer friendly engagements? We will demonstrate how today’s best advertising combines art and science by showcasing how sophisticated analytics fueled by “big data” are brought to life by talented leaders through their creative application and emotional connections to their audiences – consumers.

The best and brightest leaders today offer their organizations a unique combination of art and science – today’s consumer is social and mobile, but they’re loyal to those brands and advertisers that value their values, thus challenging marketers, creatives, researchers and advertisers to up the ante.

As such, Day Two at Re:Think focuses on “Creating Great Creative Content and Strategy”. We will learn how to translate big data into the big connections that lead to big ideas. Draftfcb NY CEO Lee Garfinkel will start the day by sharing the role of great insights as inspiration for great advertising, followed by examples from companies like Frito Lay and McDonald’s. Attendees will witness the application of Millennial male insights from big data translated into personalized messages, which will demonstrate the creative strategist’s ability to make a difference in the consumer’s life by connecting values quantified by science into the consumers’ own values. We’ll learn of breakthrough technologies including the ability to quantify emotional expression and reactions through biometrics, as well as leveraging sentiment analyses to translate consumer comments into language insights.

Of course to do this, the creative strategist will need new skills and will need to build inroads to the C-suite. In this spirit, Day Three’s first keynote speaker will be Susan Cain, author of “Quiet”, who will challenge the existing paradigm that dictates analytic acumen and creative inspiration cannot live in the same person. In addition, the day will culminate in a “make your mark, recruit your future” experiential learning event that will bring together the best and brightest today with the best and brightest tomorrow: analysts, artists, explorers, and scientists will gather with representatives of the over 800 Young Pros and game changers led by David Rabjohns, CEO of MotiveQuest, a new age social media strategist to share how to drive growth and lead change one insight at a time.

The Advertising Research Foundation is determined to demonstrate that a marriage between art and science can truly exist in advertising, and Re:Think is intended to bring the industry together to achieve this shared goal during this transformative period in time.

Gayle Fuguitt is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the ARF. Before her tenure at the ARF, she served General Mills as Vice President of Global Consumer Insights, culminating her 32 year career there. To learn more about Re:Think 2014, visit: