On! The Future of Now: Making Sense of Our Always On, Always Connected World

fon-book-2Social media: The highly celebrated, culturally influenced societal norm becoming a legend among other mediums. It holds the clout to connect people around the world and has the capacity to host millions of advertisements and messages. Is there anything more powerful on this planet than that combination?

Maybe- But we aren’t looking for a super hero here.

Instead, we’re looking towards the future, and how we can find it before it finds us. We want to take advantage of what we know now, and use it to shape our upcoming media and technology decisions. In a world where everyone is constantly connected, social media is the future. Curated by Social Media Week founder Toby Daniels, and Craig Hepburn, Global Director of Digital & Social Media at Nokia, On! The Future of Now features discussions on embracing the ideas and debates surrounding social media, technology, and constant connectivity.

According to Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock, “This is the new ‘now’. Everything is live, real, and always-on.” There’s no getting around it. The constant link or being “always-on” is what connects us to the rest of the world. But is this good or bad? Like everything else in the world, “always-on” has both its ups and downs. Even Daniels admits, “we should not forget about technology’s dark side.”

toby daniels smwAll of us have seen a family in a restaurant, each with their respective phones in hand – no human interaction happening. There’s the stress related disorders, the constant email alerts, and the dreaded break up texts. BUT, we can’t ignore the thriving benefits: social media and the technology we’re constantly using can connect humans in a way nothing in this world can. Take, for example, Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew PR’s visit to Ethiopia.

While there, Hammerling was blown away when she showed a mobile game to a young girl. The girl, within five minutes, was playing the game with a very firm understanding. In no time, the two were playing the game together.

So why was she blown away? This young girl had never seen an iPhone in her life, but what that small piece of technology did for these two strangers is incredible. They laughed and played, despite neither speaking a word of each other’s language. What that iPhone did for Brooke and this young Ethiopian girl is unmatched. The two connected over, yes, a couple of small pieces of metal and plastic. But their connection was more than cultural, “it was something human.”

According to the dozen authors in On! The Future of Now, social media and technology can do incredible things for the human race. Each of these writers is well versed in their respective industry, and each has a distinct point of view on social media and the technology we use every day. The culmination of these particular works is brilliant in that it provides both the ups and downs of all the technology and media we constantly use. What the reader takes away from the book is simple: social media and technology can be used for both good and evil, but should be used for the good. Connect yourselves with the more meaningful things in life, and you’ll find that social media and technology are, in fact, your best friends.

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Sonya Tiratsuyan is the Marketing Intern for Namely, the cloud-based people management platform for high-growth companies, and an editor of The Makegood. She is currently enrolled at Marist College, and will be graduating with a Business Administration degree in May.