LiveRail’s Yoav Arnstein on Globalizing Video Strategy

Yoav Yoav Arnstein is currently the General Manager of EMEA Operations at LiveRail, a leading publisher monetization platform for video that uses  technology to sell video inventory smarter and safer, across all devices. Arnstein has prior experience at several media companies, most recently at Legolas Media. The Makegood recently spoke with Arnstein about LiveRail’s efforts to penetrate the European video market.

The Makegood: As LiveRail’s Managing Director, you’re well educated on what goes on from a day to day basis. Could you discuss LiveRail’s unique purpose, and how the company has set itself apart from other companies in the industry?

Our mission is to help Video Publishers efficiently and effectively monetize video ad inventory across platforms.
We feel there are a few key attributes to our approach that are critical to our success:

·      Our Focus – we chose to align ourselves 100% with the sell side and concentrate on video.

·      The Consumer – we understand the rapid changes in consumption trends, both from a device and platform perspective, as well as from a content perspective.

·      Our Clients – we always listen to our clients, understand their strategic monetization efforts and support them through our products and services.

What consistently sets us apart is the fact that we bring a complete suite of tools for video advertising and introduce it to clients in a non-disruptive way which allows them to retain full control of their business.

The Makegood: LiveRail has two approaches to monetizing video across all channels. Could you elaborate on the difference between Direct-Sold Premium and Managing Programmatic Selling?

We prefer to stay away from this type of delineation (of Direct Sold vs. Programmatic). Our platform allows publishers to manage two types of commercial engagement with buyers – the fully guaranteed one in which the publisher has sole discretion over the delivery of video ads to consumers and the non guaranteed one which provides buyers with different levels of decision power and selection of ads delivered to consumers. I feel we are unique in our ability to allow publishers to easily manage the two to maximize revenues. Programmatic is powering all of the non-guaranteed deals and we are working with our clients and partners to also bring programmatic’s efficiencies to the guaranteed side of the business.

The Makegood: With experience with management in countries in Europe, among others, what do you believe to be the best global strategy for LiveRail, and how do you plan on expanding into Europe?

Listening to your clients and prospects is always a good idea. We witnessed that there are different levels of market readiness in Europe to embrace programmatic video trading. At the same time, we feel a high level of appreciation for our products and, as such, it is important to provide a high-level of local service and technical expertise.

The Makegood: In comparison to the United States, online video in Europe is still in its very early stages. What does this mean for LiveRail, and how can you take advantage of this?

It mostly means that our clients can look into the adoption of programmatic in a more strategic way and ensure that their adoption of the tools are aligned with their commercial interests. We bring a vast array of insight and expertise from our experience in the U.S. and that puts us in a good position to provide valuable advice and guidance. Having said all that, I don’t believe online video in Europe is that far behind. One thing to keep in mind is that consumption of video, as with TV, is much more global in nature. As such, there are many global opportunities that originate in Europe.

The Makegood: Do you believe that when LiveRail expands into Europe, strategies and operations will be very different than the United States operations?

We have been operating successfully in the European markets for almost a year now and I don’t feel our operational setup is dramatically different than in the U.S. It is naturally important to focus on creating both supply and demand in every market separately. We are also witnessing that the levels and types of controls that are required by premium publisher can vary by market. We are of course aware of the local nuances in different markets but structurally our market facing operations are similar.

The Makegood: Thank you, Yaov.