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RAPP Expands With Appointment of Rose Cameron

RoseCameronRose Cameron is currently the Senior Vice President of Experience Planning at RAPP, a world-leading customer experience agency driven by data, inspired by culture and enabled by technology. Cameron has held previous positions at Hornall Anderson and Ogilvy & Mather, where she grew passionate about brand building. The Makegood recently spoke to Cameron about her how she will use her past experience and knowledge at RAPP.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new position at RAPP. What duties will you have in your new role as the Senior Vice President of Experience Planning? This is a new position for the Dallas office. How will it benefit the company?

Thank you! Although the position is new, Tracey Brown, our Managing Director, has been the leading light of our great strategy team for years. My appointment is a reflection of the swell of work the agency is experiencing in light of omni-channel adoption by more and more companies. It takes a special kind of strategist to understand the motivator’s key to each unique brand, consumer behaviors/needs at each juncture in the journey, their expectations and use of each medium in play and the right value equation that makes for a truly memorable customer experience. We have those people here and it’s my honor to head up the department, drive our growth, nurture our talent and ensure the overall quality of what we offer our clients.

The Makegood: You come to RAPP with years of experience in marketing and advertising. How will your experience from previous positions help advance the work RAPP is already doing?

Frankly, no matter how much you’ve learned over 23 years in the business, you have to keep refreshing that skill set. When you stop in this business, you’re dead. I’ve been blessed to learn from some of the best integrated marketers our industry has seen from across the globe. I believe that it is incumbent upon me to take the best of what they taught me about brands, business, consumer behavior and storytelling to the next level – essentially to its next generation.

The Makegood: Looking forward, what sort of experience do you want your customers to have when working with RAPP? How will your role, along with RAPP’s services, differ from what others in the industry provide?

In one word — inspiring. We want our clients to be inspired to create truly great communications that consumers value and that also make money for their companies. The two are not mutually exclusive. When those communications are done right, they create relationships. Bone-deep relationships. Relationships of value. That takes tight, close teams who really own the solution. That means we don’t layer a lot of people onto an account. We empower a select few to focus on the clients’ work. To live it. To be accountable for it. To move on it quickly and learn iteratively. And always to have it driven by data so that we can learn and refine as we go. That’s an incredible work environment.

The Makegood: In your opinion, what are some of the most significant changes you’ve experienced in the marketing industry? Have these changes caused a shift in your strategies or goals?

TOTALLY. The world is a very different place from when I first started at Ogilvy in London. I remember phones like bricks, working on a little client called Microsoft (that nobody understood) and being REALLY thrilled when we made our first banner ad. I remember when brand strategists were fairly new, then digital strategists, then integrated strategists… When success was being in a big agency with a big name in a big city and then a boutique agency with a quirky name somewhere cool and funky. And now we have technology companies that are run out of silos in Nebraska that aren’t even client-facing — they work primarily THROUGH agencies — because they prioritize staying in their hometown with their school chums running a company they built when they were 16. Isn’t that great?

I woke up not long ago and realized a new definition of success: a) Get over your ego — it won’t hold your hand when you’re on your deathbed; b) Life is short — work with people you trust; c) There aren’t that many great leaders in our industry — find one and learn from him or her; d) Our industry is an endurance sport — live close to your agency and make your home your sanctuary; e) Location is relative — it’s the openness of the minds around you that truly represent your potential growth. That’s how I’m living my life now.

The Makegood: The marketing industry is constantly evolving and growing. How will you use the emergence of new technologies and media platforms to enhance RAPP’s capabilities? How can you, and RAPP, stay one step ahead of the industry, and what can we expect of RAPP next?

We have a wonderful innovation team here at RAPP. They sit right next to our experience team. And when we say, “You know, what customers really need is X” or “Our clients really need Y,” these wonderful people just say “Well, why don’t we make that?” This new generation of people has grown up their whole lives being told they can do anything… so they DO everything. We have creatives who are videographers and professional musicians, planners with backgrounds in crafting webisodes and building sites. The walls between concept and manifestation are folding under the power of tech-enablement. I expect RAPP to keep empowering and enabling these people to do what they’re passionate about. To lend that creativity to our clients’ benefit, and to do it in a nimble fashion that doesn’t require gratuitous layers. When you don’t have that weight, you can move pretty fast. And when you free your people to use all their muscles, pretty amazing things happen.

The Makegood: Thank you, Rose.

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