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Ready Set Rocket Partner Aaron Harvey on Digital Strategies

aaron Aaron Harvey is currently Partner at Ready Set Rocket, a full service Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Web Design, and more. Harvey has previous experience at Purple, Rock, Scissors! and Hydra Studio, where he led in business development. The Makegood recently spoke to Harvey about the company’s growth and success.

The Makegood: As partner at Ready Set Rocket, you may have several different roles. Could you discuss your role at the company, and how you have helped develop the company to its current status?

My focus has always been, and will always be, creative services. For me, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than pitching great creative – whether you win or not. I will never tire of that feeling. That said, I’ve worn every hat under the sun to help do my part in growing the agency – biz dev, account services, project management, HR, finance, janitorial duties and lots more. In fact, I still sweep the floors of the studio before every client visit – it keeps me centered, grounded, and endlessly thankful.

If I’ve done anything successful in contributing to the company, it’s been leaning on my business partner, Alex. We’ve been friends for 15 years, so as you can imagine, we have an unspoken connection. We know how to shift ancillary responsibilities to meet growth objectives, understanding that our sum is greater than our parts. I think we’re pretty good at that.

The Makegood: Ready Set Rocket produces very creative and attractive strategies. Do you and your partners personally work with a creative team? Does this add to the unique and integrated culture at the company?

Despite being focused on digital, we’ve been very fortunate to ideate and define integrated campaigns for really great brands. That’s why we’re unique. We know how to connect strategic objectives with creative executions, and back it up with conversion-driven analytics. We always envisioned a data-driven creative agency. And while it was our vision when we started the agency, our team has helped define it, endorse it, and move it forward in ways we could have never imagined. It’s surreal.

The Makegood: As a young full service agency, brands come to Ready Set Rocket for full media solutions. Are you surprised with the brands that the company has captured? Were you ever intimidated by the powerhouse brands the Ready Set Rocket so quickly obtained?

I’m always nervous. I’m always intimidated. I don’t see that changing. It makes me push harder and work smarter. To be honest, I’m floored by the brands we work with. One of my dreams starting this agency was to work with the NBA. And now that’s a reality that I brag about to my dad every week. I believe the moment you are comfortable is the moment you make a mistake. You should always be mostly in control, while part of you is completely out of control. That makes people capable of things not even they could imagine.

The Makegood: Data is a big part of creating successful digital strategies. How have you leveraged data to create effective ideas? Does Ready Set Rocket use any particular technologies that will effectively measure results, and therefore give the company a competitive edge?

As a creative, you always want to ideate and design with minimal constraints. In result, data can be a perceived threat to the creative process. I think a lot of agencies and creatives feel this way. At RSR, we believe that data can only improve the creative output. At the end of the day, we’re on the hook for engagement and conversion metrics – no matter how beautiful the work looks. As a result, our entire team is deeply integrated into data. Whether it’s consumer research, usability optimization, conversion analytics, brand sentiment or other data, we’re constantly pushing our capability against defined performance metrics in an ongoing capacity. It keeps us on our toes… in a really good way. The competitive edge will never be the technology. Instead, it will always be the quality of insights you can bring to the table from a set of technologies.

The Makegood: Do you believe that Ready Set Rocket will continue to grow not only in clients, but also in size? Do you see the company expanding globally?

My business partner has really driven home a great stance on growth – RSR will scale clients and billings at the pace that we can scale great talent. At the end of the day, we’ve carved out a great niche because anyone in our company who interfaces with clients can answer challenging strategic questions on behalf of the agency, and do it on the fly. As long as we continue to scale without sacrificing the quality of our day-to-day client consulting, or the quality of our work – the sky is the limit. That said, I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved. And I’ve never been more comfortable in our own skin. It’s a great place to be. I’m very thankful.

Thank you, Aaron.

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