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RTB House Welcomes Sales Director Robert Geruszczak

RTB House_Robert Geruszczak Robert Geruszczak is currently the Sales Director for the UK & Ireland at RTB House, a technology agency with worldwide operations, and the creator of technology for buying inventory and displaying adverts in the real time bidding model. Geruszczak has previous experience with such companies as Mobile Experts and Apple Inc. The Makegood recently spoke with Geruszczak about his new position at RTB House.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your position as Sales Director for UK & Ireland at RTB House. Could you elaborate on the company’s services, and what your role at RTB House will be?

Thank you very much. I must say that this is a fascinating professional challenge for me. RTB House is a technology agency developing its own tools for buying inventory and displaying adverts in the Real-Time Bidding model (RTB). I’m in charge of building sales resources in the UK and Ireland, which are the 29th and 30th markets we operate on. My role is to establish our strong presence in those two countries and I’m very happy to be the one who picked up the gauntlet.

The Makegood: RTB House is expanding and growing in its industry. What will expansion into Great Britain and Ireland mean for the company? Why did those countries stand out to RTB House in which to expand?

We take Great Britain and Ireland as a natural step towards the company’s  international development. We are quite sure that our successful presence in those countries will bring about the knowledge and experience needed for forthcoming openings in Europe. We believe that through building a strong position in the UK we will pave a straight way to the home market of RTB – the USA. On the other hand, we believe that our rich scientific background and technological innovations will help the British and Irish online marketers to see how effectively our solutions work for their enterprises’ success on the web.

The Makegood: Do you believe that expansion into these countries will lead to further expansion throughout Europe and Asia? Would you assume responsibilities for expansions into more countries, or would you recommend that the company expand its sales forces to better manage future presence in other countries?

Yes, we truly believe that. We are going to intensify our activities in Scandinavia in the near future. We trust that people build business success, so we are ready to invest in highly experienced and specialised management.

The Makegood: RTB House thrives on its technology and in-house tools for buying ads. How does the company’s technology set it apart from other companies in the industry? Could you elaborate on the personalized retargeting market and technology at RTB House?

We specialise in RTB, Real Time Bidding, a technology enabling bidders to take part in ad space auctions in real time. RTB allows advertisers to reach the appropriate audience with a unique message, and at the right time. Advertisers purchase space through Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) – one of which is RTB House. We are the author of a unique algorithm for personalised retargeting, tailored to deliver the best results for our clients. Additionally, we created TANDEM Effect, an innovative product combining the interests of online shops and manufacturers, which makes us a strong competitor to the biggest companies of our industry, such as: Criteo, Sociomantic, AdRoll, etc. We are focused on results and always aim to show our existing and potential clients that we can bring them – in short time – results better than other companies specialised in personalized retargeting do.

Furthermore, we have been rapidly expanding our sales force and teams dedicated to the development of new technologies, so we are gradually taking the steps to be talking about the global success of RTB House.

The Makegood: How do you see RTB House’s expansion into the UK and Ireland and its technological advantages benefiting the future of the company? How can RTB House constantly maintain a competitive edge in its industry?

We know that effects are far more important than promises and we’ll be able to talk about the results of expansion into the UK and Ireland in a few months. We are interested in strategic partnership with direct clients as well as affiliate networks. At the same time, we based this decision on in-depth research and have a great feeling about these markets. As far as maintaining the competitive edge is concerned, we are quite calm about it. As a tech-oriented team with great experience in new technologies, not only can we constantly improve products to meet the clients’ expectations, but also work on new solutions for more spectacular effects of advertising activities on the web. This is how we work.

The Makegood: Thank you, Robert.