OptiMine Discusses Measuring the Value of Your Super Bowl Ads

 Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 2.00.05 PMRobert Cooley is CTO of OptiMine Software, Inc. OptiMine Software’s measurement and optimization platform helps digital advertisers maximize display and paid search financial performance. Its unique, cross-channel analytics break the cookie barrier and set a new standard in digital advertising measurement and optimization, leveraging atomic-level, predictive modeling and unique Value per Impression (VPI) methodology to measure the cross-channel value of ads—across all devices—and optimize accordingly for extraordinary in-channel and cross-channel results. The Makegood recently spoke with Robert about the value of Super Bowl advertisements.

The Makegood: With the Super Bowl approaching, campaign managers, who have spent millions of dollars on mere seconds of advertising, will be on edge about the impending ROI figures. How can OptiMine help ad managers expand the reach of their ads and ultimately earn a higher ROI?

Understanding ad ROI across channels, such as paid search online and Super Bowl TV ads offline, is the Holy Grail for advertisers. OptiMine uses the only data that is readily available, complete, and universal across channels – ad impressions – as the foundation for measuring value to help ad managers make better ad spend allocation decisions for better ROI within and across channels. Because impressions span every ad, no matter the channel or device, using that data as the basis for accurate value measurement is the key to obtaining the Holy Grail.

Today, OptiMine helps advertisers solve the problem of measuring the impact of impression volume in one digital channel (display ads) on sales in another digital channel (paid search), increasing financial returns across both. Conceptually, this is no different than measuring the effect of a TV ad on in-store revenue. For an event such as the Super Bowl, today OptiMine can help ensure associated display and paid search ads are optimized for the best ROI.

The Makegood: How has the influx of social networks impacted the Super Bowl’s ROI and reach?

Social networks have extended the audience and shelf life of Super Bowl ads by creating another way to reach and engage consumers. Take this year’s Budweiser teaser ad with Don Cheadle and a llama. Their #UpForWhatever hashtag is already creating buzz. Using cross-channel ad measurement that relies on impression data, it will soon be possible to understand the impact Twitter is having on paid search purchase conversions—and ultimately, measure the effect of an ad in any channel on purchases in any other. Again, this is the ultimate goal and only possible when using data, such as impressions, that spans every single ad channel and device as the foundation of measurement.

In today’s omni-channel world, every advertiser needs to consider a social media and digital ad strategy to accompany a Super Bowl TV spot. This extends the impact and ROI for that multi-million dollar investment. As OptiMine continues to execute its roadmap and expand the channels supported by its  impression-based, cross-channel measurement capabilities, it eventually will be able to help advertisers with the task of measuring the interplay between a brand’s Super Bowl ad and engagement and purchases across accompanying digital channels.

The Makegood: Being able to measure more than just how many eyeballs have seen a TV spot during the Super Bowl is an ad manager’s dream. What kind of technology or strategy does OptiMine implement in order to fully measure what a campaign has achieved?

Interestingly enough, by using how many eyeballs have seen a TV spot combined with impressions from other channels and then modeled on top of conversions, ad managers will someday be able to fully measure the value a multi-channel campaign achieved. OptiMine is already measuring the effects individual display ads are having on individual search keywords, without the pitfalls of attribution, which attempts to assign value to each step of the buyer’s path. Attribution’s path analysis is increasingly falling apart with the rise of mobile and the demise of third-party cookies. Instead of relying on the cookie-based path analysis paradigm, OptiMine measures the relationship between display impression volume and sales through search, a leading digital purchase point. We continue to expand these capabilities to support additional channels—next up, full support for Facebook ads, for example—and further down the road the platform will extend not just across digital channels but to offline as well.

The Makegood: OptiMine optimizes ad performance using analytics and a unique Value Per Impression model. Could you elaborate more on the VPI, and how that will be vital for your clients during the Super Bowl?

Our Value Per Impression model assesses the relationship between each individual digital ad (e.g., display) and each digital purchase point (e.g., search keywords). These models are continually refreshed since the underlying data is always changing as seasons, competition, ad copy, and hundreds of other variables change.

In the case of the Super Bowl, an ad manager looking to understand how their associated display and paid search ads are performing can use our software to make sure the display ads that are driving the most incremental revenue through search get the most allocated spend. This kind of optimization is resulting in a greater than 35% increase in advertiser financial results across display and paid search channels.

The Makegood:  After the Super Bowl, do you anticipate any changes being made to the OptiMine technology or methodology in order to further accommodate clients?

Our core measurement methodology is built with the future in mind. We have our sights set high on using impression data and our VPI modeling for all online ad channels, and ultimately, offline as well. OptiMine’s vision is to help advertisers drive maximum financial results in an omni-channel world, by providing an objective and accurate measurement standard across all channels, which in turn enables optimal ad allocation and media mix planning.

The Makegood: Thank you, Robert.