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Evolve Media’s Geoff Schiller on the Evolution of Digital Media Publishing

gs-headshot-199x300Geoff Schiller is the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer at Evolve Media, an integrated digital media company that focuses on publishing, with the simple mission to deliver Content, Context, and Creative at Scale. Schiller has previous experience at Hearst Digital Media, People Magazine and USAToday in advertising sales. The Makegood recently spoke with Geoff about his new position as Chief Revenue Officer at Evolve Media.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new position as Chief Revenue Officer at Evolve Media! Could you elaborate on what your role will be at the company, and why you believe it is necessary to a digital media company?

As the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer, my responsibilities include oversight of revenue operations, brand positioning and partnerships across Evolve’s Men’s and Women’s Publishing Units: CraveOnline Media and TotallyHer Media respectively. With regards to why Evolve specifically, in today’s crowded media landscape Evolve uniquely offers audiences the ability to discover new content designed to serve their interests from across our portfolio. Combine this proprietary discovery technology with deep levels of content integration & distribution along with best in class advertising solutions and Evolve’s suite of capabilities offers the marketplace something truly powerful – impact at scale.

The Makegood: Could you tell us about your relevant past experiences and how they will help you in your new role?

I most recently served as Chief Sales Officer of Hearst Digital Media. During my 5 year tenure at Hearst, I oversaw national sales efforts focused on monetizing Hearst’s diverse portfolio of more than 20 digital properties. Prior to Hearst, I spent two years at People Magazine, first as Advertising Sales Manager and later as Eastern Ad Director. All of the brands I’ve been a part of throughout my career share a common thread, delivering premium content to consumers.

The Makegood: Along with revenue operations, you will also be overseeing brand positioning and partnerships at Evolve Media. What sort of work will you be doing in terms of brand positioning?

Our Men’s and Women’s Publishing Units have an incredibly engaged and passionate audiences. In partnership with the executive leadership team at Evolve, I will focus on evangelizing our mission to the marketplace, to deliver new, exciting editorial and partner content and ad experiences tied to visitor interest in a smart, seamless way across our scalable portfolio.

The Makegood: You are starting your second term as President of Board of Directors at 212 NYC. Could you explain what your role is, and how can such a role help you with your position at Evolve Media?

As President of 212, I work alongside my fellow Board of Directors in leading the planning efforts associated with overseeing 212NYC, New York’s largest interactive media association. In my role, I work closely with Ed Wise and Frank Minishak, my fellow Executive Team Members, to ensure that our non-profit continues to provide best in class events and programming. I am a firm believer in karma, so while there is no direct benefit to Evolve, giving back to an industry that has been so great to me is always a good thing!

The Makegood: What kind of changes or trends do you see Evolve Media needing to work through in the future? What big changes in the industry have you witnessed over the past few years?

With regards to trends that Evolve needs to work through in the future, consumer fragmentation is only getting larger. Given Evolve’s strong position as an enthusiast publisher, I firmly believe that we will be well positioned to combat this issue as consumers gravitate to content they are truly passionate about. In terms of big industry changes over the past few years, Programmatic continues to have a material impact on every segment of our industry. Additionally, the sea change in traffic consumption from desktop to mobile has been amazing to observe over the last few years.

The Makegood: Thank you, Geoff.