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4As’ Bill Tucker on Facing the Exciting Challenges Ahead in Media

bill_tucker26339 (2) Bill Tucker is currently the Executive VP of Media Relations at 4A’s, the national trade association of the advertising agency business. As Executive VP of Media Relations, Tucker will oversee all of the 4A’s media committees and task forces, as well as develop strategic partnerships for 4A’s Signature Events. Previously, Tucker held several leadership positions, most recently as President of Global Client Operations for Starcom Mediavest Group. The Makegood recently spoke with Tucker about how he will face exciting challenges in his field.

The Makegood: How do you see your past experience helping you achieve more innovative media and marketing solutions?

My experience heading a media agency coupled with my client focus roles and earlier creative agency roles give me perspective on the innovations that are needed today and tomorrow.  Innovation occurs when new breakthrough ideas and approaches are created and implemented by talented people in cultures of collaboration that frequently includes multiple stakeholders and partners.  Consistent delivery of innovation that builds business requires organizing talented teams that have deep understanding of the business, common purpose and real time capabilities in strategy, ideation, marketplace, content, technology and Big data/analytics.

The evolution of what innovation looks like will continue to change at rapid speed.  I look forward to working with the various members and committees at the industry level to help deliver challenges.  A willingness to take risks and a tolerance of failure order to learn and grow is essential.

The Makegood: How will your role at the 4A’s differ from your previous positions? Do you believe that working with the 4A’s will be a welcome challenge? 

First, I am very excited to be joining the 4A’s and am fired up about the opportunity and challenge.  The organization has been a transformational and critical voice and resource in the center of the biggest and most important industry issues.  I am looking forward to tacking my role and partnering with the leadership at the 4A’s on initiatives.  I have tremendous respect for Nancy Hill and the senior executive team whose breadth of experience is substantial and passion for the membership and industry overall is infectious.

The role will draw on my experience of course, however, the role will be very different and I am excited about the change.  I have been exposed to the 4A’s  through the Media Policy Committee.  I am looking forward to supporting and providing service to the membership as well as to the outreach and partnering work with the media companies and other organizations in the ecosystem.  This is an entirely different orientation as relates to my former positions and one I am thrilled to be tackling.

The Makegood: Do you foresee rapid growth in any particular media? Have you recently experienced any major changes in the industry?

Growth in the media is tracked very well by the media agencies and continues to show the fastest growth in digital overall, with particularly mobile and social media leading the growth pace as well as the impact on consumer behaviors.  Technology and convergence will continue to drive changes in how consumers experience and source video. The radio industry is transforming itself through streaming services and is an area to certainly pay attention to and great to see.

The Makegood: What sort of challenges have you faced in the media industry, and what sort of challenges does the industry in general face?

The challenges that I participated in and experienced as do all media industry leaders and media holding companies include 1) delivering growth and business kpi performance, 2) developing cultures of diversity and inclusion that inspires, attracts, retains and rewards the best talent, 3) funding technology, tools and capabilities of the future- including but not limited to- digital, programmatic buying, Big data/analytics and content, 4) globalization for clients to their needs,

5) building, developing and ensuring close and transparent client relationships and processes for assessing performance and goals

Challenges to delivery include  1) include tremendous pressure from clients in agency compensation, 2) pitch activity that results in extensive costs for all participants and frequently resulting in fee cutting exercises, 3) the speed, complexity and real time requirements of today’s marketing 4) the bandwidth and talent gap that exists to deliver on innovation for clients

As an industry I see a lot of overlap for all agencies and clients in many of these areas.  In addition, I think the advertising industry will need to continue to make advances in diversity and social responsibility and this is a big emphasis at the 4A’s.

The Makegood: What types of projects are you particularly looking forward to now that you have joined the 4A’s Team?

I will be very busy for sure.  My duties include overseeing the Media Committees and task forces who drive the key issues, policies and agenda for the media industry, serving as liaison with media outlets on behalf of the 4A’s and expanding partnerships with 4A’s events such as the Annual Conference. I am sure there will be other projects and initiatives that I will be asked to work on to deliver on the plan that is in place for 2014 and beyond. I am very excited to start.

The Makegood: Thank you, Bill.