DDB Worldwide’s Amir Kassaei on His Big Win at The Eurobest Awards 2013

amirsucks Amir Kassaei is Chief Creative Officer of the 2013 Eurobest Network of the Year: DDB Worldwide. DDB Worldwide is one of the world’s largest advertising holding companies and is owned by Omnicom Group Inc. The Makegood recently spoke with Amir about his agency’s latest award, and how his job has changed with the emergence of digital.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your big win at The Eurobest Awards 2013 (and your 4th in 5 years). What is it that sets DDB apart from other creative agencies?

DDB and Bill Bernbach are the founders of the Creative Revolution. Meaning, everyone at DDB has a special responsibility to live up to those standards. We always want to be the most innovative and effective agency in the world. And, the creative recognition is a nice consequence of that mission.

The Makegood: What campaigns of yours this year can you most credit for helping you win this award?

At DDB, our goal is to create the most innovative solutions for the business challenges of our clients. If we do that and add value to our clients’s business, we also get the recognition of the industry and a big amount of the DDB agencies in Europe were responsible for this success. Our work is for major global brands but also for national clients.

The Makegood: What will it take to repeat as Network of the Year in 2014?

We are focusing on the Network’s strongest capability that makes us the most unique – acting at the intersection of Creativity, Humanity and Technology. By being in this place, we’re able to develop the most innovative ideas in the industry.

The Makegood: As a creative officer, how has the emergence of digital media changed your job at DDB over the last decade?

Digital is not “media.” Digital is an infrastructure. DDB was among the first agencies who fully inhibited the digital revolution back in the 90’s with the foundation of Tribal. In the last five years, we reemerged all of the digital knowledge and talent into the DDB offices, which is one reason we are among the best companies in the world when it comes to state of the art and innovative ideas around technology.

The Makegood: You have been in the creative industry for over 15 years, what trends have you noticed and where do you see the industry going? 

The ad industry is evolving. And, it is evolving fast. Technology is changing, The media landscape is changing, but an agency’s main purpose will never change – to create relevance for the products, services and brands of our clients.

The Makegood: Thank you, Amir