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uSamp’s New Hire, Karyn Hall on the Evolution of Consumer Research

Karyn Hall - Retouched 1234567890 Karyn Hall was just named Vice President of at uSamp, a premier provider of technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and business insights. uSamp’s leading-mobile technology and SaaS platform transform the way companies gain intelligence to make better, faster decisions about their products and services. The platform tapps into uSamp’s 12 million member global panel of survey respondents. Karyn recently spoke with The Makegood about her new position at uSamp.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new position at uSamp. What will your role with the company be as VP of  

My role with uSamp is to lead development of new products and services that leverage our survey platform.  The tool is well designed for a broad range of consumer research already and part of my job is to help existing and new clients fully harness the power of that tool.  Additionally, I am responsible for initiating development of new capabilities for to empower clients to reach consumers in a more progressive way that meets and often exceeds the standards of traditional research methods., powered by uSamp, is a technology that delivers business and consumer insights on-demand with extraordinary speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.  In a matter of minutes, enables faster and better business decisions with profound simplicity.

The Makegood: What made you choose uSamp over your other suitors?  

uSamp offered me the chance to do what I love the most – developing new products – in a completely new environment.  uSamp is a technology company at it’s core, and my previous roles were not focused on digital capabilities.  Mobile research, tech-based solutions for clients – this is the next frontier of marketing research and I wanted to learn it from a position of leadership.

The Makegood: How will your experience at Kraft Foods help you at uSamp?

Working in a large food company provided me a great deal of training and broad exposure to all aspects of consumer research and marketing.  Having such a strong foundation will allow me to guide strategies that move uSamp in the right direction to meet the market research needs of today.

The Makegood: As a marketing research veteran, how has your job changed with the recent rise of the multiple screen consumer and a more digital marketplace?

I think the biggest change is in the level of access consumers now routinely allow into their lives and the number of touch points marketers can use to reach them.  Even with all these new ways to connect, though, my job remains the same:  understanding the consumer or client needs and turning that into a strategy for product development and marketing.  We are moving beyond the days of “Big Brother” to an era where consumers expect products and services to be intuitive of their needs.   The new era of customer service is knowing what your consumer wants and providing services in the exact moment of need.  Businesses that don’t do this will be left behind.

The Makegood: What made you decide to move from researching customers for one brand specifically to the market as a whole?  

What I love about this new role is that I get to do both!  I am involved with some of our clients specific brand needs and advise on methods and approaches at that level.  But, I am responsible for directing completely new approaches and developing solutions to meet the needs of the broader research community, which is an exciting and inspiring place to be.

The Makegood: Thank you, Karyn