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Celtra Founder and CEO Mihael Mikek on The Evolution of Mobile Advertising

Mihael Mikek Mihael Mikek is Founder and CEO of Celtra Inc. the global leader for rich media mobile advertising and analytics across mobile devices. The company recently opened a New York location and its products are widely used in the mobile advertising industry. The Makegood recently spoke with Mihael about the move, the company’s products, and mobile advertising.

The Makgeood: Can you speak a little bit about Celtra’s history? Specifically, how it was founded, and how it has changed since beginning operations in 2006.

I came to the United States in 2005, after selling my previous company in Europe, to take some time off and get my MBA degree at Babson College. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in an entrepreneurial course with a project called Celtra. This is where it all began. It was a very promising time to start a mobile focused company and I was fortunate enough to find the right people who would help to build this business. It took us some time to identify the right opportunity in the mobile advertising market, but once we launched AdCreator in the fall of 2010, the business took off. Early in 2011, we had a few great investors come on board and the rest is history… In the last three years, Celtra has evolved from a team of 5 to a team of over 90 employees. The company posted over 200% growth in 2012 and is continuing to maintain the triple digit growth in 2013.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new office in NYC, why did you decide to open an NYC office, since your headquarters are so close by?

Celtra has had an office in New York City since May of 2011, but recently moved into a larger space within the city. New York City continues to be the main market for what we do and we want to ensure that Celtra remains physically close to this thriving environment. Although we are headquartered in Cambridge, MA, there is an endless amount of opportunity within the mobile advertising industry that lies in New York City. To us, it makes sense to elevate Celtra’s brand visibility across the advertising ecosystem by developing a more pronounced presence within the city.

The Makegood: Not long ago, Celtra put out “The Evolution of Mobile Advertising” infographic. Can you talk a bit about that as well as predicting where you think mobile advertising is going in the immediate future?

The infographic was a representation of the information included in our Q2 Mobile Rich Media Monitor Report, which revealed that native and social rich media ads are the best-performing mobile display advertising formats. The study analyzed more than 100 mobile rich media ads running on AdCreator 3 in Q2 2013. We anticipate that the most advanced formats, such as social rich media, will increase in both use and popularity over the next few years. These formats are clearly demonstrating mobile display ads’ vast and largely untapped potential for successful and effective brand advertising.

The Makegood: Can you explain some of your products, focusing on Celtra’s AdCreator 3?

AdCreator 3 is a complete digital platform used by agencies for building, managing, and tracking effective rich media mobile advertisements. Celtra’s HTML5 ad formats and features are optimized for different mobile platforms and devices, ensuring flawless functionality and the best possible user experience. We developed AdCreator 3 to make it easier and faster for agencies, publishers, ad networks, along with DSPs to develop, deploy, measure, and optimize mobile advertising campaigns. Our users can easily create the full range of ad formats, from expandable banners to full page video interstitials, and optimize them for specific campaign objectives. Advertisers can leverage Celtra’s ads to deliver a consistent, reliable brand experience, targeting smartphones and tablets. AdCreator 3 also measures real-time trafficking and post-engagement analytics. It’s intuitive and really easy to use!

The Makegood: You recently announced a partnership with Tapjoy, Inc. Can you explain the nature of this partnership and how what you do with Tapjoy will differ from your normal operations?

Our partnership with Tapjoy will enable advertisers to create the next generation of mobile ads through the comfort of our platform. Ultimately, the work that Tapjoy is already doing will complement our vision for enhanced mobile rich advertising by extending the reach of Celtra’s growing user community.

The Makegood: Thank you, Mihael