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Adconion’s Kim Perell on Becoming a Global Leader in Digital Advertising

Kim Reed Perell Kim Perell is the recently named President of Adconion Media Group. Kim is retaining her role as CEO of Adconion Direct, formerly Frontline Direct, which she founded in 20o3. The company’s success lead to her winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Business Services category. The Makegood recently spoke with Kim about her expanding role.

The Makegood: Congratulations on being named President of Adconion Media Group. Since you are continuing as CEO of Adconion Direct, can you explain the reasons behind the move and how your duties will increase?

Thank you! The expansion of responsibilities has been a very natural transition. I joined the Adconion Media Group board in 2012 and have been very involved in the execution of our goal to become a global leader in cross channel digital advertising. Overseeing Adconion Media Group as president globally will allow the company to continue to create operational alignment and grow as a brand. My goal is to continue to expand our achievements as a leader in delivering innovative cross channel digital media solutions globally.

The Makegood: You also won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Business Services Category. Congratulations for that, as well! Can you talk about all of the work you put in to take the formerly named Frontline Direct to where it is today?

It is a huge honor. I’m the consummate entrepreneur and very passionate about great people coming together to do great things – the award is an enormous achievement and a tribute to our entire team.

My journey has been like that of many entrepreneurs, learning from failure (the first company I worked for went bankrupt when the tech bubble burst), and through that experience I developed a relentless focus on the financial health of a company and the bottom line. A few of the lessons include:

1. Risk and failure are a critical part of business and learning

2. People are ultimately the most important asset for any company

3. Financial health is the foundation of any business.

Prior to Adconion Direct, I was the CEO and founder of Frontline Direct, a leading performance marketing company which I self-funded and grew to over $100 million in annual revenue. Frontline Direct was acquired in 2008 by Adconion Media Group and in 2011, we merged Frontline Direct and the Adconion Audience Network merged to become Adconion Direct.

It was highly complementary as we were able to combine Adconion’s massive reach and scale with Frontline’s expertise in online customer acquisition, creating one of the largest multi-channel digital distribution platforms worldwide. Our growth can be attributed to our continued investment in technology, innovation, people and culture.  I believe that great people make great companies, and we’ve assembled an exemplary team that I’m very proud of. The success of Adconion Direct has created a blueprint for the global organization and our success stems from the understanding that digital media industry is dynamic and to succeed you must embrace change and constantly innovate.

The Makegood: What are going to be some of the challenges with your newly expanded role in the company and how do you expect to tackle them?

To continue to grow the company globally, expand into new markets, and invest in cutting edge technology that drives results for our advertisers. Adconion provides digital advertising solutions for over 2000 advertisers globally, and I am also pleased announce are officially launching in Brazil, which as a global top five advertising market, is very exciting for us.

The Makegood: As someone who has had a good view into everything Adconion Media Group does, what would you say is the most important part of the company and why?

Our cross channel platform across display, video, mobile, email, and social media our differentiator. Adconion has built one of the largest global cross channel and cross-device technology platforms and we are able to deliver nearly one billion unique users a month.  We have an expert digital staff of 500 people are able to leverage the data from one channel to drive performance at scale across another channel.

To have access to this enormity of cross channel data on a single fully integrated platform allows us to drive superior performance for our advertisers.  We just completed a cross audience social to display case study with a leading online retailer. By gathering detailed audience insights from their social ad campaigns and mapped this data against our exclusive, cross channel audience profiles, we were able to increase revenue by 7x.  It’s these types of results that we are seeing that excite me, and why we believe cross channel advertising is the future of digital advertising. The key will be enabling brands and agencies to easily execute, and remove the traditional digital media advertising silos that currently exist.

And ultimately, our people drive our success.   Adconion has created a culture based on the key principles of investing and maintaining meaningful employee, partner, client, and community relationships. Through this commitment, a fervent, engaging and cohesive company culture has been created that, is capable of driving the best performance and successfully navigating the complexities and dynamic environment in the adtech space.

The Makegood: With your new role, you will have tremendous influence on the Adconion brand, how do you hope to help it grow and flourish while also leaving your mark on it?

Our mission is to become the global leader in cross channel digital advertising and a billion dollar media company that is known for its exceptional people, products, passion and performance.  Expanding this vision across the globe is a key goal of mine.  I’m extremely passionate about cross channel digital advertising, the company and the incredible technology we’ve built, our people and the opportunity we have to lead an industry.   The world is changing how it buys and sells $600 billion in advertising annually. New winners and losers will emerge with the transition. We have an incredible opportunity  with the team and technology we have in place.

The Makegood: Thank you, Kim