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Nativo CEO Justin Choi on the Future of Native Ads

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Justin Choi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nativo. Nativo is an end-to-end native advertising solution for publishers, which enables them to easily activate, deploy and manage native ad placements across all media properties. Justin is a technology based entrepreneur, and Nativo is his third company. The Makegood recently spoke with Justin about Nativo, and the future of native advertising.

The Makegood: Nativo is a relatively young company that only launched last year. Can you talk a bit about what went into your launch and what you have been trying to accomplish from the start?

We’re a young company, but we really got started 3 years ago building out the tech to automate the distribution of branded content into what are now called native placements. So we’ve had a lot of time to learn and build the technology.

Nativo is new to the market but this is my third company and I bring 16 years of entrepreneurship into this venture. My prior two companies are profitable, still growing, and doing well. You get smarter each time around and I’m applying a ton of prior learnings to Nativo.

Native is our industry’s opportunity to create brand experiences that factor the user into the equation and build for engagement rather than interruption and distraction. Until now, Native placements have been high-impact but low scale. We solve this problem with great technology. Our tools enable the native category to scale and preserve the high-impact qualities of native ads.

The Makegood: Native content is becoming increasingly more important in this industry, what does Nativo do to maximize the effect of native advertising?

The most important thing is really our technology. We automate headline testing, record content-specific analytics such as engagement time and shares, and then contextually, geo and device target that content. Because we monitor real-time engagement rates, our auto-optimization algorithm can adjust campaigns on the fly to maximize delivery and performance.

We execute native with scale, automation, analytics, and control.

The Makegood: What has been the hardest part in identifying what ads customers will want to see? And what advice do you have for companies whose ads are not hitting close to home?

Concentrate on driving engagement by delivering value to your audience. In today’s economy, attention is everything. The hardest part is shooting in the dark. Not having the data or guidance to understand that data to know what’s working and what’s not can be frustrating. We help marketers solve the puzzle of native by providing real-time analytics and campaign guidance to ensure they execute native correctly, and in a way that generates positive brand engagement.

The Makegood: What is Nativo doing that makes it the easiest and most convenient way for publishers and advertisers to run native ads?

We have invested many years in building our technology and automation. We provide all the functionality and control our clients expect with display but we offer the deeper storytelling power of brand-voiced content. We have an easy-to-use platform that lets us quickly deploy native inventory, flight campaigns, measure performance, and make adjustments on the fly.

The Makegood: How do you see native advertising evolving over the next few years? And how will Nativo stay ahead of the pack?

Native will continue to become more scalable and will become a dominant ad category. We see the current muddled definition of native dividing into two buckets: truly native executions and in-stream ads. In-stream ads will be the evolution of the banner; they’ll be click-oriented and limited to short-form messaging. True native will be used for branding and deep consumer engagement and influence. We see the content-creation aspect of native becoming much more of a focus for publishers, agencies, and marketers.

Nativo is first and foremost a technology company and we are committed to continuing to build the best technology solutions around native. We have some amazing features on our product roadmap and we’re set on building the best advertising technology available. We’re also building a world-class team that’s set on building a lasting business. We are leveraging our deep knowledge and data to optimize native distribution in a way that would not be possible if we didn’t already have multiple years of experience in native before it was a trend.

Part of our mission is to also ensure that native evolves into an ad category that provides a positive user experience, powerful engagement for advertisers, and meaningful revenue for publishers and content creators. We want to help build a great digital ad ecosystem around native—one that recognizes the value of publisher brands and rewards marketers that deliver value to consumers. Staying true to our mission is the way to drive the renaissance in digital advertising and build an enduring business.

The Makegood: Thank you, Justin