Valassis’s Lisa Reynolds on New “Path to Purchase” Trends

Lisa ReynoldsLisa Reynolds is VP of Consumer Engagement at Valassis Communications, a leader in intelligent media delivery. The Makegood recently spoke with Lisa about the annual RedPlum (a printable and load-to-card coupons website) Purse Survey, regarding the use of coupons by Millennials.

The Makegood: Your annual RedPlum Purse String Survey results were just released and there are some very interesting numbers concerning Millennials and where they get their coupons from. What are some other surveys that the Valassis team conducts and how important to business is it to hold these surveys?

With the new path to purchase, marketers are more challenged than ever as to how to best engage and activate consumers and we conduct a number of surveys to learn more about consumer shopping behaviors and what influences them along with coupon redemption and distribution trends. We conduct another consumer opinion survey in which the audience is representative of demo groups captured in the national census; Coupon Facts Report conducted by NCH Marketing Services, a Valassis subsidiary, and other surveys, which provide our clients with powerful data and insights.

The Makegood: In the RedPlum survey, it states that “51% of surveyed Millennials said print sources are their first choice for savings.” Was this a surprise to you or was this trend already noticed at Valassis?

The RedPlum® Purse String Survey reinforced findings from a millennial survey we conducted in August 2012, in which we also saw that while digital is key for this group, traditional media also plays an important role in how they shop and often is a catalyst to online shopping.

The Makegood: What other industry trends have the folks at Valassis noted over the last few months, and how are you taking advantage of them?

We recognize the traditional path to purchase is no longer linear and that consumers are in control and their media habits are changing at a remarkable rate. This means that advertisers need to use a mix of media to stay both visible and relevant. At Valassis, we deliver targeted, print and digital solutions to engage those consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share.

The Makegood: You published your “Path to Purchase,” White Paper last month. Can you give a brief overview of what is covered inside it?

The path to purchase has become a key reference point for media planning, resulting in major changes to the way consumers buy and the way marketers plan their campaigns. There are multiple touch points along a consumer’s path to purchase and different levels of engagement along the way.  Consumers have emerged as a critical partner in media planning and engaging and activating the consumer requires an integrated multi-channel approach.

The Makegood: Now that this survey has been completed, how will you optimize your business based on the results?

We are committed to intelligent media delivery, offering our clients precise targeting, powerful insights and proven media to help them reach their most valuable customers and to influence their purchase behavior. Data from surveys like this help us identify, locate and connect our clients with existing and prospective consumers.

The Makegood: Thank you, Lisa