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Adomic’s CEO Gabe Gottlieb on Transparency in Digital Advertising

Gabe Goteleib

Gabe Gotlieb is the Co-Founder and CEO of YieldMetrics, which recently re-branded as Adomic.  Through his efforts at Adomic, Gabe seeks to rid the digital marketing industry of “opaqueness.” The Makegood recently spoke with Gabe about Adomic, its products, and the state of the industry.

The Makegood: Both you and your partner Tom Lorimor founded YieldMetrics in 2009 after working as developers at Microsoft. What inspired you to move from the developer role to being the head of a growing company?

Microsoft was a great place to work; I was really fortunate to receive promotions and was assigned to interesting products. That said, the impact I could make at such a big company was limited.  Advertising had always been an area of great interest for me; and once I became aware of the lack of transparency in the space, there was no turning back.

The Makegood: As part of YieldMetrics rebranding to Adomic, you hired Stephanie Grossman as SVP, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing. How do you see her experience in media, technology, and advertising benefiting Adomic as you move forward?

Stephanie has a very strong base in media and marketing, a solid understanding of technology, and is a great collaborator on product. She also has an incredible ability to talk to and understand agencies, publishers, brands and adtech providers (in other words, everyone in the space.)    I’m really excited to have Stephanie on board; she is now a key member of our executive team and is infusing her media and advertising DNA into everything we’re doing.

The Makegood: Adomic’s PathSource ™ technology is said to “open the black box” and provide advertisers and their agencies as well as publishers and ad technology providers with actionable insights. Can you explain how this works and why it is so important to effective monetization?

Digital advertising has been opaque, but Adomic’s technology changes that.  We trace the paths of ads from buy to placement; our technology currently tracks over 3800 publishers, 15,000 advertisers, 120 ad tech providers and Adomic has a database of more than 1.5 million creatives.  This real-time data is parsed according to feature sets of our platform. Publishers and ad networks  use Adomic for data driven sales – both direct and programmatic; sales teams are able to prospect more effectively and gain insights about advertisers’ plans and creative campaigns.  And while publishers and networks tell us Adomic is helping them monetize more effectively and select stronger partners, advertisers and agencies are equally excited about our technology because of the competitive insights it provides.

The Makegood: The use of Real Time Bidding (RTB) is steadily increasing among online brands. However, it is still underutilized. What is stopping more companies from incorporating it into their media plans?

There are a number of players in the ecosystem that are experimenting with RTB, and RTB is showing impressive growth.  Our data shows RTB as a share of plan has increased from 17 to 23% in less than a year; and I believe that RTB will hit 30% of plan by this time next year. Currently, the majority of RTB campaigns are performance oriented.  I believe that as advertisers listen to the performance trailblazers, they’ll move more of their branding dollars to programmatic.

The Makegood: Having now worked in the technology industry for over eight years, what do you think will be the biggest challenge facing Adomic as you evolve? 

The market is embracing Adomic and adoption of our platform is strong.  We sit on top of a huge data set with many applications, so the biggest challenge for us will likely be making a decision as to what we unlock next with our data.

The Makegood: Thank you, Gabe