My6sense’s Mark Coleman on His New Beginning at a Young Company

Mark ColemanMark Coleman is a former Google Executive that recently signed on as Senior Vice President of Global Sales at my6sense. Originally founded in 2009, my6sense is a leading provider in personalized content discovery and innovative rich brand advertising for mobile publishers that is looking to use Coleman’s talents to penetrate into the U.S. market. The Makegood recently spoke with Mark about his new role with my6sense.

The Makegood: Prior to my6sense, you spent the last nine years working at Google. What inspired you to make this move?

Working @ Google is a once in a lifetime experience and gave me the opportunity to work with smart, passionate and focused teams. Google was all about change and integrating many online solutions for our customers to service and sell. After the nine years – I was losing the fire in my belly and a bounce in my step. Being one of 40,000 employees started to lose the original appeal to me to make a difference in the marketplace. I needed to be empowered again. Fortunately, I found my6sense – with smart, passionate and focused people as well!

Joining my6sense was a great opportunity for me as the company is highly regarded for its industry-leading content discovery capabilities and technological innovations. I look forward to helping my6sense increase our overall market penetration throughout the world while ensuring that our customers reach optimal success and achieve the greatest business benefit from their mobile monetization initiatives.

I made my big bet on my6sense and so far, everything is meeting and exceeding all expectations!

The Makegood: As the new Senior Vice President of Global Sales at my6sense you will be spearheading the company’s first foray into the United States. What do you think your biggest challenge in expanding my6sense’s global growth strategy will be?

Early adopters in the USA – following the success to date in Israel and mirroring the go-to-market strategy in the USA will open opportunities and gain market share. The USA market is more mature when it comes to online advertising. The landscape is more competitive and the challenge is to validate the offering my6sense brings to Publishers, Advertisers and Brands. Working with the IAB and MRAID to incorporate my6sense’s mobile offering to become a standard will catapult our penetration and strategy. Mobile monetization is a hot topic today for Publishers and Advertisers and all are anxiously excited and willing to partner with my6sense due to the targeted content solution. The USA Mobile advertising ecosystem understand the value with Content Discovery by my6sense and willing to engage and implement. As with many start-ups, scalability is a key issue for our success. We are working with Creative agencies, Media shops, Rich Media vendors and Agencies to support the business and demand.

The Makegood: My6sense has been recognized as the leader in mobile content personalization via its consumer platform. How does the the June release of the Content Discovery Bar, help my6sense focus on the B2B market as well?

Our new B2B strategy is our way to adapt to the market’s demand for content discovery for Publishers. Publishers own great amount of content and with my6sense technology solution, we are able to provide a unique offering – monetization around publisher’s content. Offering in-depth content offering from the Publishers. Unlike our competitors, we are not in the affiliate business, sending the users to another Publisher to view content via revenue share. We believe, as well as USA publishers, that in order to retain users, by offering the Publisher’s own content and to bring branding dollars around the targeted content using rich media ads for the user to engage with the content and the brand.

The Makegood: According to comScore’s 2013 Mobile Future in Focus Report, smartphone ownership grew in 2012 to surpass the 50% mark of units owned. How do you think publishers can effectively engage and retain these mobile users while monetizing content?

Mobile / Tablet focus is our strategy, good to see comScore’s 2013 Mobile Future in Focus Report validates our decision. Users have their mobile phones with them at all times – like carrying a wallet or their home/car keys. The key is to reach the user at all times via mobile/tablet. By offering targeting content to a targeted user with a targeted ad will bring in premium CPMs for Publishers. And for Advertisers – targeted ads at the right time around specific targets content is what the Brands are looking to do.

The Makegood: Many mobile users express concern with privacy invasion when it comes to content personalization. How do you see companies such as my6sense handling this as Artificial Intelligence programs advance?

There is no privacy issues with my6sense, We do not know the user’s personal information, just their likes and dislikes about content. Our technology is seamless and the user is unaware we understand their content interests. We match the user to the content without any user information.

The Makegood: Thank you, Mark


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