Brand.net’s John Farrar on Smarter Digital Buying and Delivery

farrar John Farrar is President and General Manager of Brand.net, a Valasiss digital company that uses the most precise targeting technology to deliver “probability over possibility” and “action over exposure”. The Makegood recently spoke with John about how the measurement tools in advertising are currently changing.

The Makegood: In June, you announced an alliance to address Viewable Impression measurement. Can you elaborate on this?

The concept of Viewable Impressions grew out of advertiser and industry concerns with ad inventory quality and measurement reliability.  Increases in both ad-supported websites and ads per page provided the industry with more inventory, but placement quality varied.  Continued reliance on click-thru rates as a primary measurement of campaign success was challenged by both the presence of bots and changing consumer behavior in that very few clicked.

We engaged in discussions with DoubleVerify back in Q4 2012 as a result of IAB’s Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) endorsement of “viewability” over “click-thru-rates” as the future for digital campaign measurement.   We feel that incorporating DoubleVerify’s ViewAssure data is a way for us to provide more accountability and higher performance for our digital campaigns, especially when it comes to determining the impact on brand awareness, purchase intent and sales.

 The Makegood: Where did you see the gap in the market of measurement tools and how do you fill the gap?

According to comScore, 8% of Internet Users account for 85% of clicks on banner ads.  The vast majority of consumers are not apt to click on an ad.  Instead, if relevant, consumers may view the ad, take note and seek out the brand at a later time via the brand’s website, a search engine or at a local store.    Clicks and click-thru-rates (CTR) are easy to measure, but not always a good indicator for campaign performance – especially when it comes to brand lift.

It starts with using Viewable Impressions as an essential part of the measurement strategy while integrating measurement elements that reach further down the path-to-purchase to gauge changes in brand awareness, intent to purchase, and actual online/offline purchases.  Brand.net fills this gap by providing measurement all along the path to purchase by not only ensuring our campaigns reach the target audience in a brand safe environment with our SafeScreen™ technology but also increasing the likelihood that the target audience actually views the ad, thereby increasing the likelihood that a consumer will take action whether it is online or in-store.  We also work with top research companies to provide awareness, purchase intent and in-store sales measurement.

 The Makegood: Brand.net has integrated with DoubleVerify ViewAssure to enable smarter buying and delivery decisions. How do you make sure every impression you serve reaches the target audience in a high quality environment?

Our own proprietary filtering technology called SafeScreen™ is included in every campaign at no additional cost. This technology ensures that ads are never served adjacent to any content or imagery that could be considered objectionable.  In addition to ensuring our campaigns run in brand-safe environments, we use ViewAssure data that we have available at the site and ad size level across our network to make adjustments to what we buy to maximize the viewable rate for our advertisers.

The Makegood: You promise efficiency, reach and engagement. How does viewability translate into taking the desired action?

When banner ads are viewed, they are more likely to impact brand awareness and generate lifts in purchase intent.  Websites with fewer quality ad placements tend to cultivate better user experiences and provide better contextual environments for advertisers.  If all ads are viewable, every impression is working harder to communicate brand messaging and drive positive ROI.

The Makegood: Thank you, John