Kenny Rosenblatt on How Arkadium Monetizes and Retains Consumers

Kenny Rosenblatt_The MakegoodKenny Rosenblatt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arkadium Inc. a game development company headquartered in New York City. He was educated at Syracuse University and started the company in 2001 with his wife, Jessica Rovello. Today, Arkadium is one of the leading developers of online casual games with offices in Canada and the Ukraine.

The Makegood: You founded Arkadium in 2001. What are the biggest changes you experienced in your priorities and the market over time?

Arkadium was founded with a focus on creating innovative, creative casual games that offer engaging experiences. The biggest changes in the industry we’ve seen tend to be related to platforms. There is always a new platform that gains popularity, and in order to reach the largest audience, we put a huge emphasis on cross-platform development.

We create online, mobile and social games for platforms including Windows 8, mobile devices, Facebook and the web. This allows us, as well as our publisher clients and brands to maximize reach.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your launch of the first gaming platform that offers organizations an HTML5 a casual gaming solution. How does it work and what are the benefits for marketers?

Arkadium’s Arena is a white label casual game solution built to integrate seamlessly into any web or mobile property, reaching millions of consumers every month.

The Arena helps to monetize and retain consumers, yielding a major boost in website retention, page views, time-on-site metrics and advertising revenue. The solution offers non-intrusive monetization opportunities to brands, including in-game advertising, sponsorships and branded game experiences.

We’re now offering partners even better reach, while allowing players to access the game content via PC, mobile devices, tablets or cross-platform through HTML5.

The Makegood: You work with partners including the Los Angeles Times, AARP, The Washington Post, and CNN. Can you tell us about a challenging project and describe your solution for your partner?  

The most challenging part of working with any of our partners when introducing HTML5 games is user acquisition. Because there are so few HTML5 gaming platforms available right now, finding ways to bring in users and let them know games are available on their mobile and tablet devices was a challenge we’ve faced and will continue to face being a leader in the HTML5 gaming industry. Our partners have the users, so it was on Arkadium to find unique and creative ways to let these users know about a new cross-platform experience. With the help of marketing on both Arkadium and the client’s side, we were able to direct users to the new HTML5 site with call outs on their already-established mobile arenas, promotions on their PC sites, and even newsletter and email blasts directing people to play on their phones and tablets.

The Makegood: Your offices span the globe from New York to Ukraine to Canada. What are the differences in the markets and do you have plans to expand?

 We currently primarily focus on English speaking game players, but are looking to expand more internationally in the future. There are certainly language as well as cultural differences to take into account when building games for various markets.

The Makegood: Thank you, Kenny