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Matt Minoff on How Selectable Media Helps Publishers Effectively Monetize Their Audiences

Matt_Minoff1Matt Minoff is CEO of Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Matt about Selectable Media’s Select-to-Unlock platform and the importance of targeted advertising.

The Makegood: Earlier this year, you launched the Select-to-Unlock platform. Can you elaborate on its functions and the benefits for your stakeholders?

Our Select-To-Unlock platform creates a payment alternative for consumers to access valued content and services through advertising. At natural points of friction or transaction, we offer users the opportunity to access content by watching an ad or taking a survey as an alternative to paying directly. This approach creates value for all three parties involved: consumers have choice in how they pay for content, advertisers engage audiences in an opt-in environment close to valued content, and publishers are able to monetize the greatest share of their visitors.

We’ve seen success across a few different environments. Social and mobile games are a natural fit for value exchange advertising. Unlocking WiFi in public spaces such as airports and malls also creates a great experience for users and advertisers. Music services that have freemium models also work well, and of course, we integrate with paywalls at traditional media companies to provide access to gated news and magazine content.

The Makegood: Brand advertisers embrace tablets and mobile, and publishers continue to adopt this model. What will your offer include and what will your content experiences look like?

Our user experience is consistent and seamless across device and platform. Everyone is eager to solve the monetization challenges of mobile and tablet devices as the share of time spent on those devices grows. We’ve tackled that problem head-on: our Select-To-Unlock platform can integrate into mobile web and app environments on iOS, Android and Windows 8, so publishers and advertisers can be confident that they’re delivering consistently in all environments. And we offer a single backend that allows our partners to manage their campaigns across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The Makegood: With your world-class technology platform, you enable publishers to more effectively monetize their audiences. Can you elaborate on your full spectrum of options and on the criteria to choose the right one from a publishers’ perspective?

Our main solution has been value exchange, although we’re beginning to experiment with other applications of consumer-initiated video. Publishers have more advertising solutions available to them than ever before, the key to success is the right implementation. With Select-To-Unlock, that means making sure that consumers are getting relevant, valuable and exclusive content or services in exchange for engaging with advertising. A lot of publishers are experimenting right now with different approaches to gating content, and their success or failure will be determined by how well they identify the right types of content to monetize.

The Makegood: In your last interview on The Makegood, you said that you are expanding your team and continue to add talented people to the organization. How do you find and keep them?

Referrals continue to be a really important way that we identify talent, but we’ve hired people who reached out to us from out of the blue also. As a growth-phase startup, we really try to find people who want to be part of a team, who want to be involved in building new things and who can adapt to change. Obviously things like compensation and flexibility and perks matter, but I’ve found the best retention tactic is to hire people who will be challenged and excited by the work and what they can achieve as part of the team.

The Makegood: Brands are having a hard time telling their story on mobile and tablet devices. What do you recommend marketers to do in order to be successful?

Video remains the best way for brands to captivate audiences and to tell their stories on mobile and tablet devices. Consumers are very accustomed to watching video on mobile now, and network speeds have made it easy for users to stream content onto their devices, so most of the barriers have come down. The next step is for advertisers to start bringing more creativity and dedicated approaches to mobile video, beyond repurposing their television spots. Video as a whole has been one of the fastest-growing categories of online advertising, and it will be interesting to see how advertisers start to craft their messages if they begin to think from a mobile-first perspective.

The Makegood: Thank you, Matt