Advertising Technology

Driving Foot Traffic by Understanding Today’s Consumer Across Platforms

Richard_StalzerThis column was written by Richard Stalzer, CEO of Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and optimizes automatically in real-time, and provides insights. 

Over the past several years, mobile lifestyle has become about so much more than the smart phone. The prevalence of an overall connected lifestyle and perpetual mobility have yielded new modes of viewing and consuming across a multitude of screens and devices. This requires us to use more sophisticated approaches. As today’s marketer thinks about the day-in-the-life of the average consumer — a brand in many ways has to crack a code on much more wide-ranging connected behavior to get their consumer in store, in environment and engaged in a real life way. Today’s consumers are very much in control of what, when, how, and how deeply they engage. So, it’s not as easy as running a system or leveraging an automated tool. Before you even go there — you’ve got to buy into two key tenets: personalization and localization. 

New Consumer Paths

While it may seem like a lot of path to track, there are positive implications for all of us, as consumers move across time, location, device and content. Where we might have planned and bought media based basic demographics in the past, and endeavored to glean our best customer prospects over time — there’s a whole new incredibly effective model to consider as we strive to engage our consumer on the run. It’s all based on a more granular look at paths and behavior. And the data and mechanics are available to execute. Thanks to today’s tools set, we are able to use audience targeting, propensity modeling, messaging, and creative combinations to increase the effectiveness of our marketing. And we can do this even within the new expansively mobile, connected state that we are living.

Personalization is Infinitely Doable Today

With all that it is possible to know about your consumer today – why would you not use the systems and intelligence at your disposal to optimize messaging, creative and frequency – to draw and satisfy your probable consumer in a very personal way? Most marketers now understand that there are data points beyond pure demographics to examine. They get that we must study behavior across day, time of day, content affinities, and device to infer more about our most likely customers and then work with that information on the fly, in real time, to optimize our efforts accordingly. The potential is enormous and at our fingertips. The only thing standing in the way of working with these more robust data sets to the full extent of their potential may be complacency. If serious about this, it is essential to equip with the right systems and train our staffs to think, plan, test, and optimize based on the new more complete available picture of your consumer. The agency or marketing team that skips over and fails to take advantage of ready personalization opportunities, will effectively skip over entire consumer pools, both known and still to be discovered.

Localization Juices the Formula

Personalization alone does not inform our total potential. When you can also localize at a very granular level – on top of personalization factors and across all devices – you suddenly have the immediate opportunity to drive across channels and drive to store. Attribute driven targeting that is personalized and localized to unprecedented geographic precision, for example, using creative, messaging, and targeting is more likely than ever to drive desired commerce activity. If you are able to in real time, personalize and localize to capitalize on your prospects’ most decisive moments – you are as close as you can be to cracking the code.

While there is still some way to go to the perfect formula, never has the marketer been closer to their consumer and able to drive that consumer to store from other channels. There is still much to learn. But there is incredible opportunity in that learning. And, yet, we’ve seen way too many marketers stand back idle from the opportunity – focusing only on demographics. Or, perhaps embracing either methods around personalization or localization – but not both and not to the extent of their combined potential. Embrace the learning and both tenets together and your brand will realize a new cross-channel marketing reality – and you will be armed with more applicable understanding of your consumer than ever before.