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Media iQ appoints Paul Silver as Global Strategy Director

The-Makegood.com_Paul_SilverPaul Silver is to step into his new role as Global Strategy Director at MEDIA iQ early June 2013. For The Makegood, he provides insights on his new position and innovation in trading.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new position! Why did you decide to move?

Thanks! Running my own consultancy has been a great learning experience. Working alongside senior decision makers and advising not only on technology strategies but how this connects to deeper business issues has been incredibly rewarding. However, I felt a desire for something more challenging; and once the opportunity had presented itself, the move to MEDIA iQ was a simple decision to make.

I thrive on the ability to innovate. Throughout my career I’ve navigated to situations where this was possible. Whether this was signing a linking agreement with Right Media in 2006 at a small DR agency, or to defining how an agency trading desk operates in Europe, my desire to continue to innovate has led me to join MEDIA iQ. I genuinely believe MEDIA iQ are expertly positioned to continue redefining how analytics and insights drive innovation in trading.

The Makegood: Why did you decide to move now?

The timing was absolutely right, from both a personal and company perspective. So many things are being redefined, new battle lines being drawn, and new companies emerging. This is being partly driven by lightning-fast changes within the market and innovation from a technical and analytical perspective. It was important for me to look at a company that is acknowledging these changes and is a force behind the very apparent evolution.

Within our particular sector, there is a huge opportunity for us to work more collaboratively alongside our existing clients and new prospects. To me MEDIA iQ is more than a media partner; we’re certainly on our way to becoming an analytics and engineering partner for our clients. It feels like the industry is in a period of change and transition as we make the move to an ‘always on’, ‘always connected’ consumer. And this is presenting very real new challenges for our clients (and our own business). Wanting to be a part of innovating through these emerging challenges was crucial to the timing of the move.

The Makegood: Why did you decide to join Media iQ?

There were a few reasons that why MEDIA iQ drew my attentions: I have known [firsthand] the business as both a client and then as a friendly ‘rival’. For me MEDIA iQ had always been one step ahead of the curve. They embody the phrase ‘data driven’ and place innovation at the very core of their business model. As a service provider in a fast growing sector, it is very tempting to staff up on the sales and marketing side of things. However, one of the things that really impress me about MEDIA iQ is the focus of the business; less than 10% of the company work within the sales team. Its all about the right traders and the right analysts.

Being a self-funded business has enabled MEDIA iQ to build the company organically, laying the correct foundations. Too often, companies in our sector, who have been straddled with outside investment, are forced to unremittingly chase revenue at the expense of product, development and service. I genuinely believe MEDIA iQ have done things the right way round and it’s put us in a very good position for which ambitious growth plans can be sustainably built upon.

There is also a degree of pride and satisfaction when you know you are out-performing and scaling quicker than larger and better-financed competitors. And that’s been done purely through better performance, better insight and better service, not by throwing money at the situation and hiring a load of ‘feet on the street’ type bodies.

Terms such as big data, statistical modeling, machine learning, distributed computing, parallel processing are simply ‘enablers’ for us. We do not lean on them as USPs like some of our competitive set. It’s a byproduct of delivering a best in class solution. It’s a British, unassuming trait really.

The Makegood: What are your plans for your new role?

We have some genuinely exciting product initiatives we’re exploring with clients, which fundamentally will enable us to engage on a much deeper level. This ranges from bespoke technology development to completely new product propositions including mobile, video and social, all of which is underpinned by MEDIA iQ’s leading analytical and technological expertise.

We’re also exploring further international expansion and identifying which markets and when.

The Makegood: What are your long-term goals? 

MEDIA iQ today is proudly known as a Performance Trading Innovator. Long term, we also want people to think of us as a data company; an analytics company; an engineering company. These are all key traits, which drive our business. We’re now focused on finding other ways of productizing this capability, flexibly, for our clients.

The Makegood: Thanks, Paul.