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Jumptap’s Adam Chandler on Mobile Marketing and Audience-Centric Advertising


Adam Chandler is SVP of Sales at Jumptap, a leader in targeted mobile advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Adam about his new position, mobile advertising, and consumer behavior.

The Makegood: In January, you joined the mobile ad network Jumptap as senior vice president for advertising sales, congratulations! Can you elaborate on your new priorities?

Thank you! I’m thrilled to have joined Jumptap at such an exciting point in its growth. As the company evolves beyond a more traditional mobile ad network and into a unified audience platform – a platform that combines the power of a DSP, a DMP, and a cross-screen audience network – I’m taking an educational approach to sales by helping advertisers and agencies realize the new possibilities around reaching their precise audiences on any screen.

In the past six months, Jumptap has almost doubled its salesforce across the country. I’m responsible for overseeing this dynamo team – with past experience from the likes of Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google – deepening our relationships with some of the top brands in the nation.

The Makegood: Jumptap has a data driven approach to create cohesive, engaging campaigns. Can you elaborate on your approach?

Consumers have changed. They use multiple screens everyday to perform multiple tasks. In most cases, they are willing to research, purchase goods and services, and perform a variety of tasks on any screen. Advertisers are waking up to this massive change in consumer behavior. They understand that screen fragmentation presents new challenges – smaller screens, shorter attention spans and device-hoping.

Jumptap saw this impending change in early 2012. Our priorities in advertising technology, following the lead of the ‘new’ consumer, are to understand audiences, not clicks; deliver and measure campaigns across screens; display expertise in programmatic bidding and buying; and take an algorithmic approach to the science of matching ads to audiences or individuals.

Creative continues to be a cornerstone in digital advertising. Jumptap harnesses the power of rich media to create engaging screen take-overs and interstitials. By combing creative with Jumptap’s access to third-party data and cross-screen targeting, clients are able to tell a moving story that hits critical points within the decision-making process.

The Makegood: In your MobileSTAT, you publish targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising. What trends do you see coming and how will these change the industry?

The biggest trend we’ll see in 2013 and beyond is the convergence of multiple players and functions in the mobile ad ecosystem. With the shift toward audience-centric advertising, digital ad players are racing to build or acquire a more holistic offering. They’re joining art and science in new ways to close the gap between functions and become better resources for advertisers. Jumptap has matured through, and predicted, key trends in advertising technology to do just that.  By combing the power of a DSP (Demand Side Platform), a DMP (Data Management Platform), and a Cross-Screen Network, Jumptap has formed a unified audience platform.

The Makegood: You work with advertisers, publishers, and developers. Can you give us an example of a campaign that you’re especially proud of this year?

I’ll offer two: We recently worked with Dodge to launch compelling creative content, which ended up driving significant site traffic. We also worked with Reebok on a creative iPad campaign that enabled consumers to find nearby in-store inventory and shop from their mobile devices. Reebok, in particular, is an excellent example of how mobile marketing creates awareness, drives intent and sells products – all within the same creative execution.

The Makegood: What can we see coming from Jumptap in the next few months?

As far as the mobile ad industry has come over the past five years, it still struggles with attribution. Part of the problem is the lack of consistent reporting and availability of information after the ‘click’. Jumptap is one company working to rectify this problem through closed-loop analytics. We are already able to offer clients top-tier insights around specific audiences that see their messaging, but in the coming months, we’ll also be among the few to provide deeper attribution and prove mobile advertising’s impact on offline sales.

The Makegood: Thanks, Adam. Happy Birthday!