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Nanigans’ Dan Slagen on Performance Advertising and Facebook Ads


Dan Slagen is SVP of Marketing at Nanigans, an early and initial Facebook Ads API partner. The Makegood recently spoke with Dan about Nanigans’ founding round, ROI and LTV, and the future of mobile and video on Facebook.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your recently closed $6 million round of funding. What are your plans in the international mobile market?

Thanks! In terms of targeting and running mobile campaigns, we’ve been international for a while running campaigns in North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. In terms of office growth, we recently opened up an office in London and we’re currently considering what the rest of the international landscape will make the most sense to us across LATAM and APAC.

The Makegood: How does Nanigans’ Ad Engine platform help marketers to Maximize ROI on Facebook?

Because we don’t believe in ROI, we believe in LTV (lifetime value). Traditional ROI only considers a single purchase, and doesn’t take into account whether the purchase was of high value over an extended period of time. Advertisers should be focused on high value users over time, not single purchases.

The Makegood: Your customers include ebay and Vistaprint. Can you provide an example of a project that demonstrates your performance advertising software and that you are especially proud of?

We spent $1M in one day for one client, and we did it via a performance marketing budget, not branding dollars. While the spend is great, the more important story is how our team came together to plan, launch, and manage this campaign for our customer.

The Makegood: How will ‘Facebook Home’ change the game of advertising and what is the future of mobile and video on Facebook?

I think it’s too early to start that conversation. Facebook is all about the people, and they genuinely care about user experience.  % of negative reviews as a % of overall reviews has been high, so it will be interesting to watch what Facebook does here first to ensure that the product is not only well adopted but well loved.

The Makegood: What are the most effective Facebook advertising opportunities for marketers and how should B2B companies use Facebook to engage their target audience?

It all comes down to targeting. Of course no campaign will be successful without great creative, overall product value and post click best practices but assuming you have the right offering, you still need to connect with the right audience. With over 1B people on FB worldwide and 180M in the US, Facebook has every interest that you can imagine and allows advertisers to hone in on demo/neuro/psychographics like never before. In addition, the amount of testing advertisers can do is massive considering that in the US alone, people are spending roughly 6 hours per month on FB desktop and 11 hours per month on FB mobile.

The Makegood: What can we expect to see coming from Nanigans?

3 things

  • Mobile Development: Nanigans will continue to expand its paid social offerings and will vastly ramp up mobile efforts, which have recently grown to account for one-third of the company’s revenues.
  • Vertical Diversification: Nanigans has experienced strong success in rapidly growing verticals including retail, travel, gaming and online-based companies over the past 12 months and will continue to focus on vertical specific capabilities.
  • Global Expansion: Hiring will be focused across Product, Engineering and Customer Success teams in North America and Europe, where Nanigans recently opened an office in London.

The Makegood: Thanks, Dan.