SheKnows’ Samantha Skey on Female-Centric Content


Samantha Skey is Chief Revenue Officer at SheKnows, one of the Top 100 Websites for Women that enables experts to create and distribute premium content at scale. The Makegood recently spoke with Samantha about female-centric content.

The Makegood: Samantha, congratulations on your new position! Can you elaborate on your new priorities?

I am focused on scaling our relevance to users and advertisers. We will extend our award winning community-inspired content platform to include thousands of content producers whose expertise covers a range of every-day issues. We produce custom content at scale and brands will be a critical role in our content strategy.

The Makegood: With Unilever®, Procter & Gamble, and Coca-Cola, you worked on marketing campaigns that engaged and inspired consumers around sustainable action. What insights did you gain that you can apply to your work at SheKnows?

Brands and consumers can collaborate beyond the bounds of standard advertising. Brands can advance social causes and create inspiring content. Consumers love their brands and are willing to engage beyond the uninspired impression.

The Makegood: What will be your biggest challenge in growing the company’s ad business?

Scaling high touch content integrations to enable consumer-brand connections in mass.

The Makegood: In the future, SheKnows is planning to build deeper relationships between customers and brands in digital channels, including social, mobile and video. Can you elaborate on innovative touch points SheKnows will create for its community to consume and engage with its content?

Our content will enable women to consume premium content wherever they want however they want. We will focus on parenting, food and beauty tools that consider specific user needs along with geo and day-part targeting to ensure optimal relevance.

The Makegood: Chief Executive Officer Philippe Guelton is the digital media executive who has led iconic women’s media brands including Elle, Elle Décor and Woman’s Day. What can marketers learn from him?

Patience and persistence. Philippe knows how to build a product in synch with evolving consumer behavior. He has respect for consumers and brands alike and will always prioritize user experience over a quick win.

The Makegood: You are a frequent speaker on marketing to women and innovations in digital media and you sit on the ad:tech advisory board. What can we expect to see next?

Lotta leaning in! Women are smart and super powerful. Brands can help women by providing true utility and transparency. And if they don’t, they will tell their friends!

The Makegood: Thanks, Samantha.