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Arlo Laitin on Cardlytics’ Real-Time Marketing and Analytics Platform

Arlo Laitin is Senior Vice President of Cardlytics Media Group, a company that enables brands to connect and engage with consumers based on their actual purchase behavior. The Makegood recently spoke with Arlo about Cardlytic’s analytics platform and consumer behavior.

The Makegood: Arlo, at Cardlytics, you provide a new way to connect, engage, and measure consumer behavior. Can you elaborate on this?

Cardlytics is a real-time marketing and analytics platform that provides advertisers with a complete view of consumer purchase behavior – across categories and retailers. We enable brands to leverage this purchase data, and engage consumers through their online and mobile banking relationship. Finally, we enable brands to close the loop on their online and mobile advertising efforts – that is, we can measure the offline behavior of consumers as a result of these efforts.

The Makegood: You have exclusive access to current and historical purchase behavior of nearly 70 million U.S. households. How do you get that data and how is it linked to consumers’ demographic and geographic information?

Cardlytics creates our platform based on consumer purchase information from Financial Institutions – securely protected behind bank firewalls – and provides access to this platform to a wide variety of national and local businesses: retailers, restaurants, and other consumer-facing brands. This consumer transaction data includes retailer, purchase amount, geography and date – with no PII involved. We like to say that “The Purchase is the ultimate truth” – that is, if you know what the consumer has purchased, you have better insight than demographics could ever provide.

The Makegood: Cardlytics markets to consumers in places they frequently visit – mobile banking, online banking, email and social media. How can advertisers use your service and how do you ensure their success in Transaction-Driven Marketing TM?

Advertisers have used our platform to achieve multiple objectives, from brand awareness to driving in-store foot traffic. Ultimately, the connective tissue between all of our programs is our ability to measure offline consumer behavior. Our ability to measure in-store sales, market share, and cross-channel purchase behavior enables advertisers to get a more complete picture of their digital marketing efforts.

The Makegood: How do you make sure that customers trust their banks, even though the banks are providing companies with access to their personal bank statement?

The core technology through which Cardlytics gets access to purchase data is installed behind the bank’s firewall, on the bank’s hardware and totally under the control of bank personnel. Through this design, no personally-identifiable information ever enters the system – the customer is masked behind an arbitrary number that only the bank can relate to an individual. As such, the consumer’s personal information never leaves the security of their bank – no PII is ever shared with Cardlytics or with Advertisers. The bank also provides customers with a simple, one-click opt-out process – so far, fewer than 2% of customers have chosen to opt-out of the program.

The Makegood: Cardlytics provides both national and local businesses with revenue-generating digital and mobile marketing options. What’s next in digital and mobile marketing?

As consumer behavior continues to shift to mobile, our ability to tie together purchase data with geo-location, and real-time behavior will provide advertisers exciting new opportunities on this platform – reaching the right customer with the right message, at the right time. Also, our ability to measure offline purchase behavior in real-time will help advertisers close the loop, and become more effective and efficient across all of their digital marketing efforts.

The Makegood: Thank you, Arlo.