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Selectable Media’s Matt Minoff on Digital Content and The Partnership with Microsoft

Matt Minoff is CEO of Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Matt about the new partnership with Microsoft and Selectable Media’s content unlock model.

The Makegood: Matt, six years ago, you were professional basketball player in the Israeli Premier League and Corporate Finance Analyst at Allen & Company. What inspired you to make the move to Selectable Media?

I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial. When I was in Israel playing professional basketball, I started a nonprofit organization that used basketball to bring Israeli and Palestinian children together. That was a social entrepreneurial endeavor, where I got experience in building something from the ground up.

When I came back to New York, I worked in the finance sector. I wanted to take some of the experience and knowledge I had and apply it to a for-profit venture. At Allen & Company, our clients were mainly early stage companies that we were helping through M&A transactions. I had exposure to entrepreneurs and the great companies that they were building, and I wanted to do that myself. So when the opportunity at Selectable Media came up, I jumped on it and it has been a great ride ever since.

The Makegood: In December, you announced that Selectable Media is the third company to join the Microsoft Bing Fund. Congratulations! How will that influence your work and what can we expect to see coming from Selectable Media?

We are really excited about the partnership with Microsoft and the Bing Fund. There are few companies that have the scale and the resources of a company like Microsoft. We are already working on some projects with them that I think will be very important to the future of our company.  You will be hearing more about that in the coming months.

The Makegood: Selectable Media enables consumers to unlock digital content and services in exchange for viewing and interacting with brand advertising. Can you describe challenges that companies are facing today, and how do you help them to be successful?

It’s no secret that the content industry, specifically print media, newspapers, and magazines, have been struggling to find digital revenue models that can sustain their businesses. We have a model that enables these publishers to more effectively monetize their audience. Our model is about enabling consumers to get access to the content they are most interested in. For the advertiser, it’s about delivering a much more engaged user that is actually paying attention. We aim to make every impression count and drive key brand health metrics.

The Makegood: Selectable Media partners with content providers across PC, mobile and tablet devices. Can you describe the second screen phenomenon and what it means for your business?

I think the mobile and tablet revolution has come a lot faster then many people were expecting. A lot of content producers were just getting comfortable with digital and now are seeing upwards of 30% of their traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. Our solution works just as seamlessly on mobile and tablet devices as it does on the web. So we feel that we are a great cross platform option for both advertisers and publishers. Some of the ad models that work well online are not going to translate to tablet or mobile environments with the smaller screen and the touch interfaces.

The Makegood: In your press release, you state that Bing Fund will help Selectable Media to explore and identify the paths to reach the next level whether that’s through access to domain expertise Microsoft possesses, technology resources, business development opportunities, or funding. What is your next level?

We are only scratching the surface of what this content unlock model has to offer. Brand advertisers are just starting to embrace tablets and mobile. As more publishers continue to adopt this model, we will be able to offer a wide variety of content experiences to our clients.

Our big goals are to continue to expand our publisher network and partnerships across all content verticals. We will build on our world-class technology platform and enable more publishers to more effectively monetize their audiences. We are expanding our team and continue to add talented people to our organization.

The Makegood: Thanks, Matt.