What Marketers Really Care About

For ten years I worked on the partner side of the marketing business, both as an agency executive at MEC and then as the co-founder of Pictela, an ad tech firm. Now, as the CEO of an enterprise technology company, I’m a pure marketer and it turns out that this side of the business is very different. Here’s why:

My budget is precious. At an agency or ad tech firm you may have dozens or perhaps hundreds of clients. If one client or campaign doesn’t work out there are others where you can redeem yourself. On the marketer side, I only have one marketing budget and it has to work really hard.

Growth matters. As a marketer, all that matters is growth. It could be an ad banner, search listing, blog posting or a guy walking around with sandwich boards on Fifth Avenue—if someone can help me get more people to buy my product then I’ll listen to them. But they better be able to prove it with data because I need to compare it against everything else I could do, including hiring more salespeople.

Integration is key. If a partner is going to help me market my product they will need to plug into our marketing stack. We use Salesforce and Hubspot, among other systems, so they’ll likely need to integrate with at least one of those platforms.

Conferences are not that important. I’m glad that people on the partner side have fun at industry conferences but they have limited value to me right now. What I care about is getting more people to buy my product, not what technology will be popular five years from now.

Industry chatter is irrelevant. While keeping abreast of industry news is important, silly tech blog spats and sweeping philosophical debates are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the ad banner is dead or not—I just want to know if it will help sell my product.

Agency awards don’t matter. As a marketer, it’s nice if my agency wins an award but it’s not really that important. The award I want to win is fastest growing enterprise startup.

Urgency matters. When it comes to marketing services I’ll choose service over quality every time. Don’t misunderstand—I expect great work from my agencies. But very good creative that can be in market next week is better than perfect creative in market two months from now. Next quarter’s sales will be based on what we do right now.

I haven’t yet worked for a large marketer so perhaps their priorities are totally different from mine, but I doubt it. What we all need from our marketing partners are strategies and actions that can help fuel our growth.