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DDB’s Amir Kassaei: ‘Digital is The Electricity of The 21st Century’ (Part II)

Amir Kassaei is DDB Worldwide’s Chief Creative Officer, one of the most lauded creatives in the world. The Makegood recently spoke with Amir about DDB’s LaunchPad program, a 3-month to 6-month internship at DDB designed to bridge the gap between students and professional creatives (Read Part I).

The Makegood: The LaunchPad Program will teach young professionals on ‘creating ideas that people want to play with, participate in and pass along’. What are the tools that graduates will be provided with to perform social creativity?

They are in groups of five to six people who are spending three to six month in an agency. People from the management will take care of them, and the “Launchies” are working on real creative briefs for every client. From the strategy to developing of the idea, the whole process is streamlined, the way we are defining social creativity and how we are using the digital infrastructure. By doing that, the students learn  the way that we are approaching creativity. After the program, a lot of the Launches join DDB because they love how we are looking at things. Those who don’t stay with DDB have a fundamental, substantial and solid expertise that helps them to perform future jobs in other agencies.

At the end of the day, the purpose of an advertising agency, not matter if you are big small, global or not global, is the same thing. By expanding the program on a global scale, people have the possibility to have the cultural experience working in different countries, regions and cultures, what makes it even more attractive. Students can look at 14 different offices that are offering the LaunchPad program and they can choose the best environment that fits for them.

The Makegood: How should companies create and maintain a consistent brand voice in social media?

We believe in social networks. A consistent voice is not about differencing itself in the online world and offline world. It’s about being an authentic brand and having a relevant content that you are communicating, and an authentic story. It doesn’t differ from what you are doing in the real world. Everything will be connected anyway and, as the brand, you have the responsibility to be authentic everywhere, anywhere, at any time. It’s about relevance, not about awareness. This is what we recommend to our clients and what we are trying to do with our own brand. We don’t have to be on every channel and every platform, we have to be on the correct channel(s) for our brands.

Brands have to be authentic and it’s our job to create a relevant tool and add real value to the life of consumers. If you are not doing it, you are not there. And, this will change the game of marketing, no matter what brand you are. If you are not adding a real value and a relevant tool to the people, you will loose. The digital infrastructure it is much more efficient to reach consumers and give them the feeling (and the proof) that your brand is really about a relevant message. By being connected with the people, consumers are are starting to help brands communicate an idea in a completely different way that we’re used to do.

Brands cannot promise something and not deliver on every relevant touch-point. If you don’t deliver, consumers know that the brand is not delivering. This is one of the reasons why we are looking at the brand network, entering a new age of marketing. If you are not able to build a relevant substantial network around your company, and delivering a superior experience on every touch point, you will loose. Because people are connected, they will find out that you are not delivering and that will change a lot. If you are not an authentic brand, and if you don’t have and deliver something that differentiates you from the others, you won’t have a chance, because the people will know everything in real-time.

The Makegood: Amir, you have created and judged the world’s top creative and impactful communications. What can we expect to see next from DDB Worldwide and in a completely connected future?

The purpose of the agency is based on the full belief that we are the inventors of the creative revolution and that we have a special place in this industry. This company was based on the belief that, if you are using your creative talent and expertise, you will find a relevant tool, product or service that people will start to take care about it. The only change is technology. We believe that we know how the world will change and what the trends are. We believe that we have to stick to a purpose, and applying it to a new age by building brand networks and using social creativity. And, we have to prove that with all solutions we are producing for all the clients we have on a global, national or regional level.

The Makegood: Thanks, Amir.