PublishThis’ Matthew Kumin on Publishing for the Real Time Web

Matthew Kumin is Founder and CEO of PublishThis, a company that enables businesses to search, curate and distribute content from around the web, including articles, blogs, videos, tweets and photos. Matthew has worked in the software and Internet industry for over eighteen years and has extensive experience building data, content and publishing-oriented digital businesses. The Makegood recently spoke with Matthew about PublishThis and content marketing.

The Makegood: Matthew, with its cloud-based platform, PublishThis filters what’s trending on the web. What are your tools to find the content?

We’ve developed a proprietary semantic-driven search engine that specializes in pinpointing the freshest content on the web across hundreds of thousands of topics and sources.  We also apply a social algorithm we’ve developed to identify the sources and content that is trending the most for the topics our customers are monitoring.

The Makegood: With PublishThis, companies can search, curate and distribute the best content from around the web, including articles, blogs, videos, tweets and photos. How do you determine the credibility of third party content like tweets?

There is an increasing amount of content being published every minute on the real-time web.  Our technology helps companies more easily filter this firehose.  For example, companies can create their own “influencer” lists from Twitter and set word and hashtag filters that monitor for relevant tweets.  We also expose twitter users who publish relevant tweets who have a high follower count or social influence.

The Makegood: Relevancy is a critical component to solve today’s content marketing challenges. What are your criteria for relevant content?

Relevancy is at the core of our company vision and deeply embedded into our core search technology that we’ve been developing for the past four years.  We think about relevancy being more than just a keyword mention. Content marketing is about engagement, not just finding some needle in the haystack text mention of a word related to the customer’s interest.  It’s very important when publishing content about a topic your customers care about that you can quickly show them your expertise. If the content you are publishing isn’t relevant, then its very hard to appear authoritative on that topic.

We’ve developed a patent-pending search and monitoring system that analyzes over 20m+ semantic data points and relationships for people, places and things across dozens of content areas such as business, sports and entertainment, to autos, health and travel to ensure that the content we find is really relevant about the topic. For example, the engine can pinpoint relevancy differences between people with common names, specific product models such as the iPhone 3 vs. 5, diseases such as Type 1 and 2 Diabetes or sports teams with the same mascots such as the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Makegood: Today, it is crucial for companies in all industries to be present in digital media platforms and to become a publisher. Would you recommend PublishThis for all industries in the publishing and non-publishing industries?

The digital landscape is really changing quickly with brands and businesses across any industry now all becoming publishers.  Content is really the new currency if you want to drive engagement on the web. But it’s hard (and expensive) to keep content fresh and interesting 24/7 without having to hire an army of writers.  PublishThis solves this problem by helping companies in any industry create fresh content feeds that can be efficiently pushed into every marketing channel, including web, email, mobile and social.  Where this gets even more interesting is applying a human-curated approach on top of the search/automation.  We believe that human curators working in conjunction with search technology is the optimal approach to present customers the best content. This can establish the brand as the go to source in that industry or niche for the most current information.

The Makegood: Thanks, Matthew.