Adtheorent’s Anthony Iacovone on Mobile Ad Inventory’s Equilibrium

Anthony Iacovone is the Founder and CEO of Adtheorent, a mobile ad tech company. Anthony has significant experience working in telecommunications at companies including Global Crossing and MCI. We recently spoke with Anthony about his current role.

The Makegood: Anthony, you have been working in the telecommunications industry your whole career. How did you first get into it?

AI: I spent my early career selling long distance telecom to large enterprises in the US.  Around 2003 it was apparent to me that a major shift to mobile would occur and specifically around uses of the device beyond voice services.

The Makegood: You founded AdTheorent less than one year ago. What was the market need that you saw at the time that motivated you to start the company?

AI: AdTheorent was founded January 2011. At Augme Technologies, prior to the founding of AdTheorent, I spent a chunk of years evangelizing US brands on shifting their content and digital strategies to embrace mobile (SMS/mobile sites/apps). It was natural to see that the next progression in mobile would be around using media/advertising on the device to promote all of the new mobile-enabled content and apps that companies are spending 100s of millions of dollars building. What interested me most were glaring gaps in both the 1st-generation mobile network model and their limited use of currently available technology like high-speed or real-time bidding, high-speed data enrichment and big data predictive modeling.

The Makegood: Recently, AdTheorent rolled out a 2nd-generation mobile ad technology product that ties mobile audience targeting and buying to the true value of the ad impression. Can you tell us about some initial results that you are seeing?

AI : Two things happen when you apply 2nd-generation technology to this marketplace. First – inventory prices find their natural value quickly – meaning the data we see and our ability to optimize bid rates almost ensures that an advertiser is paying the given worth of a specific ad impression target. Second, conversion rates increase 200-300% when you apply the right predictive algorithm to the mix. Even more exciting is as the data that passes through our system increases, both the ability to truly value inventory and increase conversion multiplies exponentially.

The Makegood: What would you say is AdTheorent’s strongest point of differentiation from competitors?

AI: At our core is our ability to marry the qualities of a 1st-generation mobile ad network (brand safety, reach, customization etc.) with patent-pending technology to crunch a ton of data on the fly (geo, demographic, behavior, mobile device) to deliver the Intelligent Impression™. In terms of pure technology differentiation, I think our secret sauce is how well we have mastered the combination of deep enrichment of very generic ad requests data, click and post-click conversion metrics, with a groundbreaking predictive modeling engine that maximizes results.

The Makegood: Thanks, Anthony.