MEC’s Ming Linsley on the Changing Role of Social Media

Ming Linsley is the Senior Partner, Senior Director, Social Media at MEC. Ming has extensive experience working in media and advertising on both the client side, at LL Bean, and the agency side, at MEC. We recently spoke with Ming about her current role.

The Makegood: Ming, you worked on the client side, at LL Bean, before moving to the agency side. What motivated you to make the move? 

ML: I started the L.L.Bean Facebook page in 2007, and became interested in the opportunities Social media presents for marketers. At the time I knew that MEC had a fledgling social group and was excited for the opportunity to focus solely on Social – plus I had a great experience working with the MEC planning team and felt like the agency was a good fit for me. Since then my passion for the space has continued to grow, although I am always trying to work my nerdy DR marketing side in as well.

The Makegood: As the Senior Partner, Senior Director, Social Media at MEC, can you tell us about your role? What is your day to day like?

ML: As my less than pithy title conveys, there is a lot packed into my role, and I truly love the diverse and constantly changing challenges that presented on a daily basis.  The two key responsibilities I have are 1) Ensuring that our incredible MEC Social team is well supported so that they can succeed in delivering a great product; 2) Staying current with the constantly changing social space in order to best join opportunities with client goals in efficient, engaging ways.

A typical day involves everything from meeting with clients to discuss their Social Media Strategy in Asia, to looking at new Facebook ad types, and reviewing moderation emails.

The Makegood:  What would you say are the most important trends that marketers should know about happening in social media now?

ML: The DR marketer in me continues to be excited about the intersection between social media and data, both in terms of how marketers can better reach users and how the user experience can be improved with more relevant/meaningful content.

In terms of overall trends I think the push to become ever more visual is a constant opportunity for both clients and social platforms. Whether it is the rise of Pinterest and the increased creativity around use of photos to engage users, the appetite for visual storytelling and viewable engagement on the part of users is one of the best opportunities to set brands apart.

The Makegood: Can you tell us about some recent campaigns?  

ML: What I am more excited about than a single campaign, is the changing role that social is playing from a communications planning perspective, and the way in which we execute for clients across all of their paid, owned and earned outlets. An example of this framework in practice is our partnership with Marriott Hotels and Resorts which incorporates events, publisher partnerships, PR, owned social platforms and paid media to create a holistic brand experience for guests. This model is so exciting because we are using insights gathered from social listening, along with traditional planning tools like ComScore and MEC’s proprietary tools, to leverage the strengths of all of those mediums to create a better communications model.

The Makegood: Thanks, Ming.

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