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GumGum’s Ophir Tanz on Understanding Billions of Images on the Internet

Ophir Tanz is the CEO of GumGum, the largest in-image platform company. Prior to launching GumGum in 2007, Ophir was the CEO and co-founder of, a mobile media-sharing platform that was sold to in 2007. Before this, Ophir co-founded and sold Fluidesign, an interactive and branding agency. We recently spoke with Ophir about his current role.

The Makegood: Ophir, having founded a few companies including and Fluidesign, you are a serial entrepreneur. What is it about starting companies that you find so attractive?

OT: I’ve always had an innate drive towards entrepreneurship. When you are an entrepreneur, you are able to speak to the market directly and the quality of your idea and execution are the ultimately judge and jury. It may be the purest form of meritocracy because it’s the market that elevates the cream to the top. Beyond this, there is something deeply rewarding about creation. Coalescing disparate elements, people and ideas into a novel, functional whole is a fun challenge.

The Makegood: You co-founded GumGum, the largest in image advertising company, in 2007. What was your motivation for getting into the in-image space?

OT: There has been surprisingly little innovation around images since the inception of the Internet. Images represent the most engaging content on the web and they’ve remained static all these years. Our ability to understand what billions of images are about at the keyword level opens up a world of possibilities.

The Makegood: Last fall, GumGum raised $7M in series B funding to grow sales infrastructure, build out technology and expand into new territories. What is GumGum’s plan for the next 12 months?

OT: GumGum is very focused on scaling our national sales force and making in-image advertising part of the industry’s everyday vernacular. Beyond this, we are focused on product development in accordance with our thesis that the future of advertising will be integrated.

The Makegood: Can you tell us about some recent successful campaigns?

OT: Among the many successful campaigns over the past few months, notable ones were CW’s The Ringer, ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s 54th Annual Grammy’s. All campaigns saw CTR’s of .5% and higher and video completion rates of over 60%.

The Makegood: Thanks, Ophir.