MEC’s Jen Soch on Making a Lasting Impression

Jen Soch is the Managing Partner, Global Account Director at MEC. Previously, Jen was Senior Vice President, Activation Director of Advanced TV at MediaVest USA. We recently spoke with Jen about her current role and previous experience.

The Makegood: Jen, you have extensive experience in the media business, having worked with a broad spectrum of clients, including P&G, Dell Computers and Goldman Sachs. What advice would you give to someone just starting a career in media?

My advice, find a way to make a lasting impression. I’ve spent over 20 years in the marketing and advertising business, and I’ve found no matter how small the assignment or project, make a difference and prove that you want to be part of the team. Push yourself to not do something the same way time and time again. Find ways to get away from your comfort zone and show everyone that you deserve to have a seat at the table. In turn, this will help you to move forward in your career and propel to continue improving and bringing diverse thoughts and actions into your work product.

The Makegood: Recently, you joined MEC as Managing Partner and are responsible for leading the global strategic development and marketing priorities for Citi. Where does your role begin and end?

That’s the best part of this assignment; there is no beginning or end. Already in just a few short weeks, I’ve learned that MEC has a dynamic environment that allows everyone to think of the proverbial box. A client like Citi expects great thinking that leads to great execution. I hope to play an integral part in this whole process.

The Makegood: In your previous position at MediaVest, you focused on emerging TV platforms, for example addressable advertising, converged televisions, and set-top box data. What would you say has been the greatest advancement in TV advertising in recent years?

Broadband Video. When Advanced TV platforms first came about, we were complacent. Who else could do VOD, Interactive TV or Addressable? Not print, not out of home and certainly not the internet, where we were trying to figure out banners. We had the time and leisure to figure it out and get it right. But, in the midst of trying to get it right, Internet started acting like TV. Video content and TV buying turned into Video Buying. Now TV is trying to be the Internet and the Internet is trying to be TV.

The greatest advancement to come? Better targeting on the TV, Internet and all mobile screens. It’s all about finding the consumer at the right time. I’m excited to work with MEC and our clients in this area. There is a lot happening in Advanced TV and I look forward to many more years focusing in on it.

The Makegood: What are your expectations and goals for your first year at MEC?

My goal is to do a lot of listening in the MEC halls. I want to learn what it is that makes the agency tick and run well. My expectations, to become a part of a new Media family that wants every member to succeed in business and in life.

The Makegood: Thanks, Jen.