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Yieldex’s Andy Nibley on Streamlining Ad Ops for Publishers

Andy Nibley is the CEO of Yieldex, a company that enables online publishers to maximize advertising revenue. Previously, Andy has been a CEO in multiple media industries and has worked at four different media giants: WPP, Vivendi, Bertelsmann and Reuters. We recently spoke with Andy about his current role.

The Makegood: Andy, you are a true media veteran, having been a CEO in five different media industries — news, Internet, music, film and advertising. What would you say is the common thread among all of them?

AN: I would say that the one common element amongst these industries is creativity. Each one of these sectors is very different from the others. But each of these industries has very talented, very imaginative people working to create great things. Journalists, musicians, actors, copywriters and software coders share many common features. They tend to resist authority figures and consider themselves to be rugged individualists. They can be highly emotional and temperamental. And they tend to be motivated more by what they do than what they get paid. In short, they are rebels. But it is precisely because of these independent attributes that I find folks in these industries so creative and so interesting to work with.

The Makegood: Yieldex is the leading provider of inventory and revenue management solutions for digital publishers. Can you tell us about some of the top line benefits that publishers gain in working with Yieldex?

 AN: Probably, the biggest benefit is a significant uplift in revenue. Digital publishers who have used us for at least a year have experienced, on average, a 50 percent increase in revenue. Our system also eliminates many of the pain points that Ad Operations people face on a daily basis. Instead of spending days and even weeks working on reports, they can now produce these documents with the press of a button. This allows Ad Operations personnel to shift their focus from doing menial reporting tasks to concentrating on providing strategic guidance to their publishers on how to make more money.

The Makegood: In September of 2011, Yieldex announced a $10MM Series C round of funding, raised to accelerate development of new and existing products. What types of new products can we expect to see coming out next? 

AN: To date, a lot of our products and efforts have centered around Ad Operations. But we are now building out and will soon release products designed to help the Sales function. I think as we move forward we will also be developing new and innovative tools for the Finance, Editorial and C-Suite (CEO, CMO, CRO, CFO, etc.) groups at publishers. Stay tuned for the next phase of yield optimization. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

The Makegood:  Can you tell us about some recent successes your clients have seen?

AN: Aside from generating significantly more revenue, a number of our clients have found new and interesting ways to employ our solution to maximize their yields. They have found ways to dramatically cut under delivery, while eliminating over delivery as well. We have also been able to help our customers develop sustainable rate cards and eliminate revenue-draining practices like discounting. At the same time, our product team has been focused on building features based on our customer’s feedback. A recent example is developing APIs and plug-ins that allow our clients to import our data and use it within their existing tools and systems.

The Makegood: Thanks, Andy.