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LiveIntent’s Jason Oates Creates Efficiencies in Email Marketing

Jason Oates is the President of LiveIntent, a company that delivers real-time display advertising within email on any device. Previously, Jason was on the agency side at Razorfish as well as at ad tech companies including Datran Media. We recently spoke with Jason about his previous work and LiveIntent’s offering.

The Makegood: Jason, you started your career in online media in the mid 1990s working at D”Arcy, Masius, Benton and Bowles. What would you say are the main differences you experienced in terms of working in digital media now versus 15 years ago?

JO: In the mid 90’s many people got into “interactive” for the adventure of being a pioneer and entrepreneur in a new and unproven industry. It was the wild west which attracted those personalities. The money was secondary.

Now that the industry is well established, it attracts people who are more risk adverse, coin operated and less comfortable with ambiguity.

The operational efficiencies we’ve gained from automation over the last 15 years have made the digital marketplace much more scalable and effective, while also improving our quality of life. I remember managing plans and buys for Gateway, Pontiac and P&G through spreadsheets and it was a nightmare. Now we have things like dashboards, planning tools and exchanges which allow us to spend more time on big ideas or strategy rather than tactical execution. This has allowed agencies like MediaVest to finally integrate their digital and offline media capabilities, benefiting their advertisers and the bottom line.

The Makegood: LiveIntent provides marketers and agencies with a platform for buying and selling email ad inventory exactly like display. What would you say is LiveIntent’s major differentiators as compared to other email marketing companies?

JO: One of the major benefits of being the only email ad server that works is that we’re not competitive to Email Service Providers (ESP) who deliver the mail and we’re not a threat to email publishers. To them, we are a means to enhance their current offerings.

When compared with list management companies, we’re differentiated by offering frequency control across all publishers; dynamic ad serving once emails are opened; and dynamic 1st and 3rd party data targeting upon open as well.

In many cases, we’re competing with other ad serving companies and display channels rather than competing with email marketing companies. In that case, we’re differentiated by offering advertisers a) a more engaged and loyal consumer b) higher ROI and c) incremental growth.

All of those claims can be backed up with data which we’re more than happy to share.

The Makegood: LiveIntent recently integrated services with Convertro, a company that provides enhanced transparency into the effectiveness of online marketing channels. Are there any initial results that you can share?

JO: We’re not ready to release anything just yet, but we’re working on studies to compare the value of the First Impression and First Click against the Last Click model. We need to run these studies across multiple campaigns and categories before we can share definitive results.

The Makegood: Can you tell us about some recent campaign successes you have seen?

JO: We recently launched a campaign for a major online book retailer and we were able to decrease their cost per acquisition by 50 percent by avoiding mobile devices, focusing on consumers over 45 years old and pulling out of under-performing publications.

For a top 3 technology company that wanted to drive mobile app downloads we are able to target devices and browsers that support their apps. Their CTR’s range between 0.2 and 0.7 percent and conversion rates are over 50 percent.

A major sub-prime credit card company was able to lower their CPA by 40% through creative optimization, avoiding mobile devices and targeting lower HHI consumers.

The Makegood: Thanks, Jason.