The Makegood: How it Started and Where it’s Going

The Makegood was launched six months ago today by Matt Straz. Matt is the CEO of Namely, a platform that enables media, advertising and technology companies to manage their human capital. We spoke to Matt about why he started the The Makegood and where it is headed.

The Makegood: Matt, why did you start publishing The Makegood?

I have spent over a decade in digital media, first with MEC, the global media agency, and then as co-founder of Pictela, the ad tech company was acquired by AOL. In that time the innovation in the industry has accelerated to the point where it is difficult to keep track of it all. What we’re living through is a revolution, one that is bigger and more far reaching than the creative revolution in the 1960’s.

The Makegood is an attempt to make sense of it all and to tell the story of how a potent mix of media, technology and design is changing advertising.

The Makegood: Why do you utilize the interview format for many of your articles?

Given the growing complexity of advertising, interviews help us tell the story in the most engaging way possible. Personally, I have always enjoyed interviews, whether it was Rolling Stone magazine, The Charlie Rose Show or even the “In Step With…” pieces that James Brady did for Parade Magazine.

The Makegood: What has been the response?

It’s been really gratifying! We now have thousands of monthly uniques and the growth is accelerating. Our February traffic was up 71% compared to January.

The Makegood: Why do you think that is?

Everyone who contributes to The Makegood comes from the industry. We have all worked at agencies, publishers, ad tech companies and other related businesses. We understand the dynamics of media buying and selling. I think that authenticity comes through in the stories we tell.

The Makegood: What have been some of the highlights in the first six months of The Makegood?

I’m proud of the interviews that we’ve done. Whether it’s been interviews with sell side legends like Wenda Harris Millard, innovative agencies like Digitas, Razorfish, or MEC, trade association leaders like Randall Rothenberg, ad tech CEO’s like Bill Wise, experts like Doug Weaver or media companies like AOL, Glam Media and Hearst, we’ve covered a lot of ground in the first six months.

I also like the opinion pieces and columns we’ve done. Our very first post was on September 6th, 2011 and was a critique of Yahoo! under Carol Bartz. A number of our columns have been picked up in publications like AdAge, AdExchanger, Digiday and MediaPost.

The Makegood: You recently added Jayne Pimentel, Head of Display for Razorfish London as a regular contributor. Will you add more columnists in the future?

We’re very pleased to have Jayne on board. Jayne originally hails from Silicon Valley and is deeply involved in the technology that is changing advertising. Her first few columns have been terrific!

And, yes, we will add more columnists in the coming months. Stay tuned!

The Makegood: What is your long-term goal for The Makegood?

We want to become the new voice of advertising. Today’s advertising revolution is a complicated story and it is one we feel we are well positioned to tell.

The Makegood: How do you balance your duties as CEO of Namely and publisher of The Makegood?

The two roles are very complimentary. As CEO of Namely, I meet a lot of interesting people that can later be profiled in The Makegood. Through The Makegood, I meet great companies that can benefit from using our software to help them manage their teams and grow their business.

The Makegood: Thanks, Matt

  • George

    It has been a good read from the start. Well done by both Matt and Katie.

    • Matt Straz

      Thanks, George! Appreciate the support.