Crushing It: Q1 US Digital Ad Sales are Up

The digital ad business is having an excellent quarter according to sales leaders across a range of premium publishers and ad networks. Compared to Q4 where some results were mixed due to unfounded fears of a double dip recession, Q1 looks good–very good in some cases.

Ad sales growth was on fire in January and, while it slowed somewhat in February, publishers are reporting they will be up 20% on average for the quarter, year over year. Video and mobile are leading the way, followed by relatively slower growth display ads. Video is growing 30% and, after years of promise, mobile ads are also on fire.

“Mobile is real,” one ad executive told The Makegood.

Even though banner ads are not growing as fast as video and mobile, they are still growing at a good clip, with a shift to brand-oriented display from direct response.

The only major category with some uncertainty right now is automotive thanks to GM’s agency changes.

If you’re having a difficult Q1 it’s time to look at your model, products and team. With the US economy smack in the middle of what looks like a standard 8 year business cycle, the time to grow your media business is now!