AMC Network’s Bill Rosolie on Making a Lasting Impression Online

Bill Rosolie is the EVP Advertising Sales, Digital and Advanced Platforms at AMC Networks. Bill is a senior sales executive with over 30 years experience working on TV, digital, branded entertainment, event marketing, direct response and VOD for companies including Gemstar-TV Guide and The Weather Channel. We recently spoke with Bill about online branding.

The Makegood: What does it mean for brands to stand out online today?

BR: Using advertising to stand out online is no different than traditional advertising – you have to be memorable. Now, whether it’s through the creative execution, the messaging, or a combination of both is dependent on your campaign goals. Brand recall can happen in a number of different ways. Take for instance, Geico advertising…Their ad with the pig flying down a zip line has nothing to do with its brand message or car insurance but because the creative is entertaining, its memorable (for me at least). When my daughter needed a new quote for car insurance, the first company that came to mind was Geico.

The Makegood: What is the last online ad that you remember seeing and why?

BR: For me, video makes the most lasting impression online. As such, the last ad that I remember seeing online was an NBC tune in tonight video spot. It resonated with me because it provided valuable information and appealed to my interests.

The Makegood: What was the “game changer” of 2011 for digital advertising?

BR: I think it was the movement of the broadcast buying groups now owning digital video. There are a lot of interesting things happening with leadership at broadcast companies to create synergy. So now, you have digital veterans running the TV investment/buying strategy and buying digital video as part of their up fronts. The outcome will be a world divided into premium video (regardless of the platform) and commoditized video to make the buying process easier.

The Makegood: In 2012, what is the number one thing you want to see shift/change in the digital advertising ecosystem?

BR: Again, two things: First, people love to talk about audience targeting but then also want to call the shots with regard to the sites their ads run. By definition that is not audience targeting if you are hand selecting sites based on content. It’s a mixture of audience and content targeting.

And the long and the short of it is that the buying model has to change. If we are going to see a movement towards premium content online, then there has to be an appreciation for that content. Secondly, we’re always hearing about how inaccurate and then accurate ratings from industry authorities like Nielsen and comScore are, but the bottom line is that all of them are reporting varying numbers and ranks. Until we have a common currency that we can look at across the board (from TV to digital), it’s near impossible to validate digital media buys. I don’t know that it’s likely to happen in 2012 but which ever year this issue of metrics gets worked out, that will not only be the game changer for the year but for the industry indefinitely.

The Makegood: What do you think is the biggest misconception about publishers or your business model?

BR: Our syndication model is an ad network. We are delivering content specific against our syndication platform.

The Makegood: Thanks, Bill.

This is article is part of a series focused on online branding sponsored by Undertone.