Chuck Gafvert on his Move from AOL to Undertone

Chuck Gafvert is the SVP of Operations and Technology at Undertone. He previously spent 15 years at AOL, most recently he was the Vice President of Advertising Technology at AOL where his global team supported ad sales for all AOL properties and Advertising.com. Chuck also spent time at Discovery Communications. We recently spoke with Chuck about his new role and the advertising technology industry.

The Makegood: You have been working in the advertising technology space for over 20 years. What is it about advertising technology that attracts you to it?

CG: This is one of the most exciting and fast paced industries in the world and I’ve always enjoyed working with clients to help them achieve advertising goals. This industry attracts highly creative and intelligent people that feed on the excitement of generating new/interesting ideas while pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. To be a part of the ingenuity that is taking place on a daily basis in this relatively new industry is the most attractive thing of all. In how many other professions can you say with confidence that your work is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with the brands they love?

The Makegood: You recently joined Undertone as SVP of Operations and Technology. What does your new role entail?

CG: In the simplest terms, my job will be to extend the great work Undertone’s operations and technology teams have already done and to support them through the next phase of the company’s growth. Both the operations and technology teams here are top-notch and have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. As with the expansion of any business, it creates a need for new structure and leadership roles. My role as SVP of Operations and Technology evolved as a means to further streamline these critical functions by placing the responsibility under one executive.

The Makegood: What do you expect will be your greatest challenges in your new role?

CG: Undertone’s opportunity is huge. Its business model is meeting an enormous need in the marketplace and as a result, we’re experiencing rapid growth. To capitalize on the opportunity ahead we’ll need to successfully and simultaneously scale our teams, processes and technologies to continue to meet our clients’ needs. It’s both an exciting and intimidating position to be in. It is now more important than ever to have plans in place and ensure everyone is dedicated to seamless execution. I am up to the challenge and excited and optimistic about what’s to come.

The Makegood: What kind of trends can marketers expect to see coming from Undertone in terms of technology?

CG: Marketers can expect continued innovation and a focus on creativity through the development of high impact ad units, similar to our PageGrabber™ and PageSkin™ products. We also remain committed to leveraging technology to take video, mobile and tablet solutions to the next level. Look also for new technologies that will further enhance campaign targeting, reporting and optimization.

The Makegood: Where do you think the biggest opportunity in advertising technology lies?

CG: Easy and effective is the winning formula. In today’s media landscape marketers need to focus on how to create immersive brand experiences that stand out and get noticed. The biggest opportunity lies in finding solutions that help marketers do just this while simultaneously reducing the complexities of the planning and buying process.

The Makegood: Thanks, Chuck!