MEC’s Adam Shlachter on his role and favorite campaigns this year

Adam Shlachter is the managing director for digital in the U.S. for MEC, the global media planning and buying agency. We recently asked him about his role and some of his favorite digital work the agency has produced this year.

The Makegood: Everyone has a unique story about how they got into digital media. What’s yours?

I got into the digital advertising and media world in the dotcom heyday of ’99 after a stint in PR. I joined the interactive department at Lowe, a full-service ad shop. We were about 10 people across account, creative and media, I started as a junior planner dealing with trafficking and campaign execution, reporting and everyone’s favorite — billing!

I left as a Supervisor almost 3 years later after we merged with Amarati, Puris, Lintas and grew to over 80 digital specialists. After stints at JWT and on the client side at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, I joined MEC Interaction in 2006 to lead our biggest retail accounts and have played a variety of roles as we have grown and evolved the digital practice to where we are today.

The Makegood: Can you explain your role at MEC? Where do your responsibilities begin and end?

In this role I look after our digital offering and resources across our US accounts. That means a lot of things, but primarily it involves working with our clients in a more consultative capacity to help educate them on the digital landscape and marketplace, helping our teams create more value through the ideas and partnerships we build for our clients, and representing MEC across the industry through the relationships we have with our largest partners and vendors or via key organizations and events.

And while that may seem like a lot, my responsibilities aren’t limited to that alone. On a global scale, I represent the digital practice with some of my colleagues here in the US and across other key regions, am heavily involved in our business development and pitch process, active in our talent management and training efforts, and play a role representing our MEC digital practice within our parent company, GroupM.

So to answer the question, there’s no well-defined beginning or end!

The Makegood: Obviously you tend to a number of accounts in your role. Can you give a few examples of a campaigns or programs that you’re especially proud of this year?

When you’re spread over all of the clients you don’t always get to work with each team as closely. But the work we’ve been doing particularly in the ‘owned’ and ‘earned’ media spaces has been fantastic at helping them reach new audiences, drive active engagement for their brands, and deliver actionable consumer insights and business results.

Whether it’s creating new branded experiences to tell their story or get their users to participate by telling their own, such as what we created with Excedrin for their “What’s Your Headache” campaign, or amplifying Macy’s signature events like the Thanksgiving Parade through social and interactive touchpoints, or developing and distributing original content for IKEA around consumers’ renovating their kitchens and homes, we’ve changed the way our clients think about what digital media means.

The Makegood: Thanks, Adam!