Exclusive GroupM Conference To Bring Together Agencies, Clients and Tech Leaders

Next month in New York media agency holding company GroupM will be hosting a first of its kind conference called What’s Next: Platforms, Pipes and Bridges. This invitation-only New York event will bring together four of the world’s largest media agencies along with clients like AT&T and media technology companies like Facebook, Google and others. Speakers include GroupM CEO Rob Norman, Steven Levy from Wired, and Facebook’s Director of Global Creative Services Marc D’Arcy.

Also presenting at the event will be Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Search. Chris is one of the founding members of the search industry and has spearheaded the development of this GroupM conference. We spoke with him recently about the event.

The Makegood: Typically agency holding companies don’t produce major events. Why this one, why now?

CC: The short answer is that it’s the right thing to do. Our clients want us to be their Sherpa so we have to embrace that challenge. We have a unique opportunity to show them what we believe is going to matter and help enable future success by supporting present structure shifts. GroupM can do something few others can and that’s bring clients together from across four different agencies and facilitate a dialogue that delves into the how of what’s next and then innovates off it.

The Makegood: What speakers are you most excited to hear from (other than yourself, of course). What can people expect?

CC: I’m thrilled that we have prepared two days of content that is as much about how brands prepare for what’s next as the tactics involved in executing. Understanding the motivations behind Google and Facebook are really important but also to be able to hear from AT&T, Macy’s, RadioShack, Volkswagen and other brand marketers who are already doing it is thrilling.

The Makegood: As with WPP’s annual Stream conference will there be a mandatory stay at a delapidated hotel or will conference goers be left to their own devices?

CC: I think we have all learned that leaving a couple hundred media types to their own devices is a dangerous proposition. That said, I pledge any austerity measures necessary will not impact the entertainment and adult beverage line items.

The Makegood: Thanks, Chris.