Wales and Wilson: What Will Be the Reaction Next Week at OMMA Global?

I’m pleased to be the host of the OMMA Global conference that kicks off on Monday, September 26th in New York City at the Marriott Marquis. The emcee gig should provide quite a ring side seat for this two day conference. On Monday morning the keynote presenters will be Jimmy Wales and Fred Wilson. This has the potential to generate an interesting reaction. Here’s why:

Jimmy Wales: As the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy leads the world’s largest web site that does not accept online advertising. In fact, Wikipedia is entirely funded by donations. What will Jimmy have to say to a group of people who make their living buying and selling online ads?

Fred Wilson: Fred is the co-founder of Union Square Ventures, the high profile New York venture capital firm that favors a “Users First, Brands Second” investment approach. With only one or two exceptions, USV has moved away from investing in New York’s B2B ad tech space. Fred is also the force behind AVC, his popular blog where he will occasionally takes swipes at marketing and advertising.

It will be fascinating to see how Jimmy and Fred’s comments are received by an audience of marketing and advertising professionals. Since both will present on Monday morning it should get the conference started with a bang. Don’t miss it!