Colleen Soriano Lands at UM

Today is Colleen Soriano’s first day on the job at Universal McCann where she succeeds David Cohen as head of US digital for the Interpublic media agency. Cohen was promoted to the global digital position at UM earlier this year.

Colleen previously worked for GroupM’s MEC where she led digital for accounts like Campbell’s, Colgate and Energizer. Colleen and I both served together in the digital group at MEC during the period when the agency had one of the most impressive new business streaks in the history of media advertising.

Earlier today I caught up with Colleen to see how she was doing after three hours on the job.

The Makegood: Congratulations, Colleen! How’s your new office?
CS: The best thing about the new offices at UM is that it’s open plan, which I love since I find it fosters openness and collaboration.  Plus, I get a lot of new music purely through proximity.

PC or Mac? Blackberry or iPhone? Notes or Outlook?
PC at work, Mac at home. Blackberry at work, iPhone at home. Outlook any time. All the time. It’s good to be back.

How many calls from sales reps have you already received this morning?
Haha! I’ve heard from 8 sales reps so far, which is impressive since I only just set up my phone and email. Well done, folks.

Thanks, Colleen. And good luck!