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Getting to Addressability via the Transitive Property

By: Carla Holtze We talk a lot about the fast pace of technology and the proliferation of data on these pages. And often, we toss around terms like transformative and disruptive to characterize all things digital. However, when it comes to real change, the pace can be downright glacial. For instance, we’ve been talking about… Continue reading »

Swimming Upstream: The Growing Power of Video Streaming

Video streaming has grown into a primary method for viewing video content. At the height of its popularity it was used as a means for “cord cutters” to save money by watching their favorite shows online, rather than paying a cable company. Armed with this insight, online video streaming companies have taken advantage of the plugged-in generation and have taken it one step… Continue reading »

Content Marketing Deserves Paid Support

By: Tom Hespos Websites.  Facebook pages.  YouTube channels.  Mobile apps.  What do they all have in common? They all represent investments made by brands over the years that had the tendency to be unsupported and thus never saw the light of day. In the mid-1990s, as many brands and companies established their first websites, agencies… Continue reading »

Does Video Always Have to Be Short-Form?

When brands think about digital video, they tend to think :30s or even :15s. But are they selling long-form video content short? The obvious appeal for videos of shorter length is their potential for higher viewership within paid media channels, mainly due to the likelihood of short-form videos being watched through to completion, and maintaining… Continue reading »

LiveRail’s Mark Trefgarne on the Power of Video Advertising

Mark Trefgarne is CEO and Co-Founder at LiveRail, the leading publisher monetization platform for video. Currently over three billion monthly impressions (25% of all online video ads) are delivered via their platform each month. LiveRail was started in 2007, by Mark and Andrei Dunca. The Makegood recently spoke with Mark about the impact of video on advertising… Continue reading »

Toward (Re)Defining Native Advertising

This column was written by Fahad Khan, Founder and CEO of One Public, a cross media digital marketing software company based in New York City. The definition of “native advertising” that is loosely or tightly associated with content marketing is flawed and misguided. I had stressed the need to define native advertising at an IAB… Continue reading »

Should Brands Own Their Own Content?

Is it better to rent or own? When looking for a home, most people are faced with this daunting question. Owning a home gives stability and the free reign of being able to customize your living quarters, but also comes with a higher price bracket and more responsibility. On the other hand renting gives more… Continue reading »

A Cord-Cutter at the Newfronts

This column was written by Gavin Dunaway, U.S. Editor at AdMonsters, the global community of ad operations and technology leaders. Portrait of a cord cutter – you’re looking at it. Disturbing, a little serial killer-esque, I know. Five years ago, I moved to NYC from DC with a laptop and an iPod as my only… Continue reading »

Digital Media’s 3rd Space

I recently entered into a discussion with a client about the potential of marketing their app instead of driving traffic to the website. I held the view that the app was a much more engaging and rich experience than the more transactional website and that getting more people to use the app would show healthier… Continue reading »

5 Digital Media Trends For 2013

I feel like we’re at an important juncture in digital media. Consolidation is happening all over the place so that a few key players are emerging in ecommerce, in social and in technology.. We’ve witnessed Facebook struggle in 2012  potentially putting a spanner in the works for many upcoming tech companies. The impact of this has signalled a warning sign… Continue reading »