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Adjusting To An Evolving SEO Landscape

The world of Search is constantly evolving as search engines become smarter, grow, and continue learn how to best answer the “questions” users present to them. The fast pace of online search can make it an intimidating channel for digital marketers to tackle. There are simply not enough not enough hours in the day for… Continue reading »

Fixing The Media Planning Process

By: Hemali Lakhani You don’t have to stand alone in defending your ad plan anymore. We know you’re often asked to be the one standing in front of senior management to present your plan and defend your approach when the last of the planning sessions come to a close. Sure, you’re smart, and yes, you… Continue reading »

Going Sky High: Building Links With the Skyscraper Technique

By: Bartosz Bala When it comes to building links for your site, it can be hard to garner links on your own. Relying on your content and your SEO to build up links from friendly sites is good, but it can take a lot longer than you’re willing to bet. However, there’s a method coined… Continue reading »

An Unbiased Look at Search?

 The days of search as a must-have line item within your marketing plan are gone. The evolution of Google into a media goliath has raised search up onto a platform that may not be strong enough to support its own weight. As the popularity of search and Google’s advertising platform grows, so does the thought… Continue reading »

Underscore Marketing Sheds Light on the Media Blind Spot in TV

National television viewing is down.  Or is it?  If you take the arguments against television at face value without digging deeper, you might fall into the trap of repeating this fallacy as a mantra. Yes, individual Network television ratings are down, but the universe of viewers is larger, the number of actual national networks (yes… Continue reading »

Four Client Service Mysteries I Wish I Hadn’t Had To Figure Out On My Own

Corporate behavior often mystifies me, especially when the company in question is in a highly regulated industry.  And I’m likely not the only one trying to solve mysteries. Over my nearly 20 years in the marketing services business, I’ve come to wrestle with and understand that there are a million different things going on behind… Continue reading »

Four Signs Your Agency Hasn’t Staffed Your Account Adequately

When you engage an agency to help you address your marketing goals, you’ll often see a nice org chart that gives you details on all the people servicing your account.  Each person on the chart plays a different role.   You might hear from some of them every day, while others you might interact with very… Continue reading »

Time to QA Your Mobile Experience?

Every time I get a mission-critical e-mail with a link, I cringe a little.  It wasn’t always this way. These days, I’m way more likely to read that e-mail on a mobile device, and if something requires my immediate input via clicking on a link, I can count on the page behind that link working… Continue reading »